I'm going to move to deploy 25% of the cash in the token portfolio, and leave 25% as cash. There is 50/50 risk of either a run away or a sudden deep retrace. I want to be ready with 25% cash, and at the same time, not leave that portfolio so underexposed if we suddenly take off. If you personally are happy with your exposure you need not follow this. I veer conservative on these portfolios because ultimately I want to take care of those following them. I personally take on more risk but I've been doing this for a while and have seen outlandish returns in this space, so tend to swing for the fences.  Consider that when following them. This is not push to free up and get exposed nor a call to risk less. I just want to be transparent about my thinking. 

If you are not following them verbatim but using the trades, note what I said about risk. I see no edge on deeper or runaway. In my personal trading I have cash in the bank to buy deeper, so now have very little cash in my actual crypto accounts. Let it run....

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