Market Analysis for Aug 25th, 2019

I'm going to try an experiment....

Since starting the service, I've found the trade tables very hard to use. They don't personally reflect my own trading, as I micro scale against stops per my video here. While there should be a ton of swing trades in the next leg down, I can't manage them all for you. I'm going to focus on Bitcoin. I put myself at risk when I do that as I hand hold here, and don't take care of making my living.  What I'm going to do though is put on multiple, and I MEAN A TON of tranches in BTC on the swing tables. I still is not perfect as the table use a division of quarters. But I'm thinking this will be education so you get a sense of my rhythm. Early tranches will be the risky one as I'll catch the knife and have a broad stop at $4300 but they will be small, so won't be a problem. As the trade works and we have a potential impulse, I'll put on more positions, and tighten the stop. 

Note, this is intended as a teaching tool, not helping you manage your money. You still need to fit any trades into your own plan / risk profile. 

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