EOS Ram Trading - Market Analysis for Aug 21st, 2018

While slow, I'm making a post on EOSRAM trading. I get a lot of questions. If I've misrepresented anything let me know. 

What is RAM trading?

RAM is a component of the EOS network. It is needed to input data into the blockchain and is required for EOS projects to purchase. I'm not more verse than that on the technicals but here's a post: 


RAM is not traded on any currency exchange like most of our coins. It is traded from within a wallet. The function is enabled by the greymass wallet. Not all wallets have the function. You can also use the Scatter chrome plugin to interact with some RAM trading sites like https://buyeosram.io/

This means you need to have your private keys and your own EOS account, not use an account on exchange. Otherwise, you cannot trade RAM.

Note a few things:

Cost basis is in EOS not USD. This means you need to calculate RAM price * EOSUSD for a dollar cost, and you cannot assume a USD price in the future because you have two variables, just as you can't assume a future USD value from a XXXBTC chart.  I cannot create a USD chart unlike other coins. 

The chart I use on buyeosram.io doesn't allow a good use of fibs. I am hand calculating them. this creates a huge margin of error in my work. I also can't keep a long term count because whenever I shut down my machine the chart has to be redone. Fun. 

The speculative trading of RAM is causing some issues with some projects. If my fib calculations are correct I see 16EOS as a future potential price versus .12 currently. That's an amazing return and if it comes to be that will increase EOS in one's account. Remember you are trading RAM for EOS. Note there is a lot of talk about the issue this is causing for projects and there can be changes to the EOS constitution at any time to prevent speculation on RAM. EOS is a 'semi decentralized' organization ran by 21 Block Producers. It is not as decentralized as many cryptos. Keep this in mind as a risk. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.54.39 AM
Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.54.39 AM
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