Chart Update Request System

It seems my post regarding requests earlier was not clear to new members. For that, I apologize. 

I am asking that there NOT be requests for charts posted in 1) replies to posts. 2) left on the board. 


The reason for this is many fold:
1) If you post on the main board in its own thread. I may miss it. As staff who also trades other markets I have EVERY service on the site open at the same time. I also trade for a living. I will simply miss it. I don't have the bandwidth to go 'request hunting'. 

2) I use my mobile downtime to answer questions on the board, using my phone. Again, this is a bandwidth managing effort to get things done. If I run into a request, I will likely not remember it when I'm back to my charts at my desk. 

3) I'm going from post to post trying to answer questions, and I just get lost at times. Requests get lost in my 'lostness'. 

Fortunately, we have a system which allows me to have a nice list: 

How To:

1) Under the logo top left, you'll see 'Request symbol update'. If you have other services you may need to flip it to 'Cryptocurrency'. (see image)

2) The system first prompts you to look at charts. This is to save me the extra post (I will decline requests that have no further update needed if made today) You are also limited in your number per day. I think it is 2. Again with over 300 members, there is a reason for that: My sanity. 

3) Once you see charts there is a 'request update' at the top fo the thread you see. 

To make this most effective, use the full symbol. BTCUSD, not BTC for example. You can also do it in a more communicative way. XLMUSD1H for example for a 1H chart. But if you do this, PLEASE don't type a sentence. It will break the list on our end. But note I do not have a POV on every micro. BTC and ETH are the only charts I'm committed to get really nano analyze. If I have a point of view on others great. If not, I'lll say so. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 11.13.36 AM
Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 11.13.36 AM
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