Change to Reports - Market Analysis for Nov 2nd, 2020

Last night, I received feedback regarding the long term sections in reports and I intend to address it. A critical post was put up and deleted, though not by me. The person in question DM'd me good feedback which I'm going to attempt to address. My personal approach to the long term write up has been to not refresh it until we have a key point in the market demands it. I've taken this approach for a simple reason. When, in the past, I allowed the micro to impact my daily counts, long-termers would get upset that my long term view was changing rabidly. So, I am now very cautious about making changes. Of late, I've been waiting for the current channel in Bitcoin to resolve up or down, but I haven't done a good job clarifying that. Further, I left subtle language that left the idea that I'm ignoring long termers. So, I'm going address these two concerns through the following:

1. I'm going to continue to do the following: Only address the long term when I have a change in clarity, direction, or count. 

2. I'm going to only include the long term in the Sunday report, which gives me time to weed out confusing language, and I'll take the time to do that. I'm going to completely rewrite it if my view changes. 

Note, that my perspective still remains that we do not have a solid end to the bear market that began in 2018.  Note in the Elliott Wave 'pantheon' B waves can break over the previous bull market high. We haven't even made it there yet. Further, I noted in March that it was going to be difficult trading in 2020. It may be that it continues into 2021 at this point as there is no end in sight. I also developed the core algo to help long termers take position when the edge via Elliott Wave is low. Those that have used those signal have personally told me that move has been valuable. If you are long termer, consider using it when Elliott Wave analysis is unclear, which is when substructure is not impulsive. 

I also suggest that if you are in the long term category and only reading reports, and are not watching webinars that you change that. I always touch on the long term and long term tactics at the beginning of the webinar. I'm done with that section in 15minutes usually. It doesn't take long. I have received much feedback that that section is indispensable. I am not a long term trader, but I still can project back to the days when I was. 

Lastly, I remind that critical feedback of analysts posted publicly is never accepted across the site. We endeavor as a team to take feedback professionally posted and per above, I am making an attempt to take this feedback to heart. But it must be emailed to us ( DM is not an easy means for me to handle it with my load, but do try. Sometimes I have to ask it is emailed. Further, this is a service of hundreds of subscribers. I can say I am overwhelmed with feedback both good and bad. I can't by any means, make everyone happy though I take it seriously regardless. 

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