Art and Science - Market Analysis for Dec 24th, 2018

When I was studying typography in design school, I learned 'grid system'. This has been a hall mark of modern graphic design. I was an industrial designer, but type was a required part of the curriculum.  Basically page after page of say a book, magazine, or presentation, you follow a grid you laid out in early phase of your design concept. In the early days of study, your design prof 'beats' this concept in to you until it becomes a crutch. Then as you develop, the same prof starts beating you up when you don't skillfully break it to create interest without train wrecking it. That is, the prof was pushing you to layer art on top of the science. 

I equate Fibonacci Pinball this way. Avi gave us a basic framework for how markets move through Elliott Wave theory. I do treat them as hard rules.  The problem arises when you have extension beyond your expectation, or a retrace that is more shallow. The problem doesn't arise when supports break. For me those are hard science. But when the market runs ahead of that basic structure, it starts to invite the 'art' of analysis. That's the sort of market we have right now, on a micro level. 

As a trader, it is more simple for me. I will trade it until the wheels come off. I'll go short when it is unhinged. As an analysis for you guys, I'm going to do my best to find every bearish potential until we are really free in clear. It is going to be like that for months. You have to learn how to read my analysis. I have my own money on the line, so I'm right there with you. But I suspect i am far more nimble than many of you. I also have trained myself to not be paralyzed, when my analysis stops playing out. It is a message, and I'll take it. 

I also add a lot of analysis of technicals, along with the things I've coded to get a read. That part is far more art. It is interpretive completely. But it does give me an additional read over the hard science. 

This is just food for thought. As I've been trading, and using the method, I just recalled those tough memories back in design school, and they really resonate here. 

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