Answer to a Good Question

I got a good question in a thread that is ESSENTIAL. My primary count in Ether and Bitcoin is our wave 2 is larger. See bubble for the entry zone for that trade. However, I've been tracking an expanded flat, off the recent lows. If that red count is filled in we have a tight retrace between our recent low, for a potential breakout. This is why I'n watch so close. I do not want to miss that entry if the market takes that round. That's why this is no time to go to sleep if you want this swing trade. 

This basic structure exists in both Bitcoin and Ether. And, again, I wouldn't even look at this tighter entry if not for other coins which appear already complete. 

If we stay under the white count, I'll be looking down into the lower region. 

Please let me know if not clear. I'd hate to see anyone miss the third of third if we get it. It will be the biggest return trade for the coming weeks. 

ETHUSD - Primary Analysis - Feb-28 1229 PM (15 min)
ETHUSD - Primary Analysis - Feb-28 1229 PM (15 min)
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