Alt Count Reminder - Market Analysis for Jul 31st, 2019

Just a reminder on where I stand on the alt count we discussed in the webinar 2 weeks ago...If this is our 5th coming up, I have an ideal target of $21K. However, if the pullback stays between that high and recent lows, then I'll call this current correction a very shallow wave 2. From a zoomed out count, I prefer to see this move in Bitcoin at least hit $65K, however, $21K can reasonably end this bull market as well. If we have a shallow wave, I see projections over $100K. The inability for a deep correction here, should it break out certainly suggests this is alt wave iv. 

This was all discussed in the following video:

XBTUSD - Primary Analysis - Jul-31 1101 AM (1 day)
XBTUSD - Primary Analysis - Jul-31 1101 AM (1 day)
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