Market Analysis for Sep 19th, 2017

This is a public service announcement because I know folks are trickling into the service slowly. JAppel asked me what my intent is yesterday on Allocation on the portfolios. Here are my thoughts. 

1) Highly personal question don't want to tell others what to do, but here are some principles:

a) The token/small cap portfolio for the most part doesn't have enough price history for trustworthy counts. So, highly speculative. 10% or less of total crypto holdngs, may be a good guideline. The big cap portfolio has a lot of history and I'm seeing repeated holding of key fibs on a weekly basis, so far. 

b) Some of the little coins are likely to go into big third waves in the future but we don't know which one. These diagonals we're tracking could see a solid wave 2, then launch. I was fortunate to catch the early stage of the third wave ethereum still unfolding, being in at $5-$21 first, then back in at $7-8 for the current run. This is what I'm looking for. BUT DON'T BET THE FARM. SPREAD IT AROUND like a LOTTO. Don't worry I will start blowing trumpets when I see the condition that we saw in Ethereum. 

c) Lastly if you don't like to trade and are here to put money to work and forget about it, I also generally say size it small compared to your equity assets so you don't worry about it. The portfolios are intended to take heat versus risk manage more tightly. Therefore following the swing trade portfolio may not be for everyone. 

My personal allocation usually is not more than 10-20% long term. I put coins in 'long term', usually off exchange in wallets when we hit BIG TARGETS. Otherwise, I like to take shots at the market via swing trading. That's just me. I don't like trading the tokens much like some on this site, but that part of my holdings recently grew.  I'm trying to find a good exit to trim. 

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