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The Cryptocurrency Trading premium service in our EWT Trading Room provides analysis and trade alerts on cryptocurrencies, hosted by Ryan Wilday, focusing on both Big Cap coins and Tokens/post-ICOs. Big Caps are the top 15 coins in terms of market cap, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, Ripple, and Litecoin. Tokens are a name for small coins or coins built on the network of another larger cap coin. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are coins that are released to fund projects and we will trade them after they are listed on exchanges. Tokens and ICOs are more speculative and it is the service participant's responsibility to decide exposure to each portfolio. See important notice about Risk Considerations.

About Ryan Wilday

Ryan Wilday

Ryan has over 17 years experience trading equities, futures and options. He was introduced to cryptocurrency in 2013 by a programmer friend and began mining and trading shortly thereafter. Though he read Prechter's Elliott Wave Principle in the early 2000's, he didn't make practical use of the theory until joining EWT in 2015. Today he melds his deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency market with Elliott Wave theory and Fibonacci Pinball.

Key Intro Articles

Thoughts on Using the Service Thu Oct 5th 2017

I wanted to put this together for new folks coming on. We haven't had too many come on since the trial but we are holding steady over 200 people. So, I want to have this to point to. So here goes: Know The Asset Class.

Trading Elliott Basics with Cryptos Wed Oct 11th 2017

This post is not for the veterans here. That is unless you never created a trading plan. If you haven't start. But, I got a PM today that was clear the person didn't have a handle on trading the wave counts. So, want to give some quick basics.

Getting Your Feet Wet in Cryptos Mon Dec 18th 2017

Reposting this article Avi and Ryan wrote a while back on Seeking Alpha so we get it archived in our Crypto education section.

Additional Articles

Defining Diagonals Tue Jun 25th 2019

Slow, so another write up.  I know there are many that are new Elliott Wave Terminology. Again, I'll remind that you'll get the most out of the service if you learn some basics of the Elliott Wave Theory.

Bitcoin is Going to $0 or $100,000 Tue Jun 25th 2019

(Latest from Avi and I on SA) If you have followed us since December 2018, then you know we were expecting a major bottom in the cryptocurrency market, and expecting 2019 to be very bullish.

The Forgotten (or Never Learned) Art of Trading: Position Management Mon Jun 24th 2019

Tonight, I was sitting here, drinking a Dickel Rye, for that is all they had at Safeway.

B Wave? Mon Jun 24th 2019

I had some questions about whether this is a B wave here.  One of the rules of a B wave in EW is it CANNOT BE FIVE WAVES. So, in all probability we do not have a B wave.  However, this can be an A wave of a larger B wave.

Why is Bitcoin So Bullish? Mon Jun 17th 2019

I’m going to weigh in on this question of why Bitcoin is moving so bullishly in 2019. Before I start, my pat answer is that it is sentiment.

Key Principle Wed Jun 12th 2019

If you have a tendency to get FOMO in extensions and cautious in corrections, you need to completely flip your perspective.  Now is the time to increase your long position over all.

Crypto Biz Models Mon Jun 10th 2019

[From FA Trader.

HODL Da Core Tue Jun 4th 2019

Simple strategy using EW for this region for the  those that aren't so nimble..... If you believe this is a bull market, note the chart on my last post. Here it is again.

Personal Tradeplans Thu May 30th 2019

All- It is times like this that I get a lot of questions of the personal strategy nature. Remember I am not a licensed advisor. Nor, do I know anything about your personal situation.

Long Term Crypto Mon May 27th 2019

[Article I posted on FA Trader] Before I start this article let me state plainly that I question crypto as a long term hold. This is not because I don’t believe crypto is here to stay.

B Wave Potential Wed May 22nd 2019

All- I want to be crystal clear about something regarding the B Wave article last night. I know many of you are going to want me to ring the bell on the all clear. I can see it in the questions asked. I may not be able to.

Sentiment Speaks: Bitcoin's Strong Extensions Warn The Bear May Try To Come Back Tue May 21st 2019

Avi and my latest posted on SA this morning.  And, don't forget comments can be fun if looking for entertainment:  https://seekingalpha.

Look Who's Buying Bitcoin Now Mon May 13th 2019

  I hear hundreds of reasons why cryptocurrencies are an investment fad that will fail. One of those reasons is that this is the investment vehicle of wild eyed libertarians, and millennial programmers.

XXXBTC Thu May 9th 2019

Having alt fatique myself and finding EW very questionable for XXXBTC charts, I want to crack signals for these charts. Internals might help a bit. The issue is HD says the method can also be questionable on mean reversions charts. Here's a take on ADABTC.

BTC Internals Thu May 9th 2019

For those of you that have membership in the main market room, or stockwaves, you are familiar with the  INTERNALS WORK of Harry Dunn (HD as he is called).

XXXBTC Wed May 8th 2019

Regarding this question of alt performance vs. Bitcoin. I had previously assumed that when BTC bottoms XXXBTC pairs bottoms and vice versa. In studying a bunch of charts tonight, actually find only loose correlation in those terms.

$40M Means Nada Wed May 8th 2019

Some of you have expressed this sentiment but when the market shakes off a $7M at what typically has been called the most solid exchange in the business, we really have a bullish market.

Death of Alts, or Alt Party Time? Tue May 7th 2019

I smell the stench of small cap or ‘alt coin’ hatred, an emotion all too familiar to me.

Be Prepared Tue May 7th 2019

We've had a nice run off the December lows. If you were here at the time, you know what we were looking to the $4600-3000 long term fib zone to potentially give us a major bottom. So, far it has not disappointed.

What Is Your Primary? Tue Apr 30th 2019

Note this is not calling anyone out, but is educational. I was asked this morning, so this came to mind.

Reminder Thu Apr 25th 2019

After this evening, I'm going to be off the board until Monday morning. If you wish for me to cover anything later tonight, please post requests. Otherwise, all requests will sit until Monday morning, after I sign off tonight.

New Folks... Wed Apr 24th 2019

Hey all- I know we have a lot of new folks this month. I want to strongly suggest two things at a minimum:  Watch this video:  https://www.youtube.

FYI Tue Apr 16th 2019

Just to share my view I believe there is a reasonable chance, with the setup we have in BTC that we have bottomed. If we move to $5300 and then only see a corrective retrace then I know. There is quite a mess on many charts, but that's wave 4 for you.

Why So Many Coins? (from FA Trader) Thu Apr 11th 2019

I'm now an analyst on our sister site, FA Trader. On that site, I don't post charts, but do fundy posts. Yes, you heard that right. I'm dusting off that ol' MBA and trying to behave smart .

BCH Swing trade modification Thu Apr 11th 2019

Note I took the limit order on BCH and modified it to current price $269 on Coinbase with a $263 stop. Very tight against the possible 1-2,i-ii. the previous limit was not hit. 

Sentiment Speaks: Can Bitcoin Stretch To $7,000? Thu Apr 11th 2019

Lastest from Avi and I:  https://seekingalpha.

Wave 4 Tips Tue Apr 9th 2019

Let's talk about 4th waves. Many of our swing charts are in the 4's and 5's. By that I mean they are seeing the fourth subwaves of the third wave, or the fourth wave off the December lows. Fourth waves are the hardest to trade.

Key Vid Mon Apr 8th 2019

I know we have a small influx of new people this week. I want to again post a link to one of our past webinars that many have found helpful in swing trading better, using my analysis. And, could be a refresher for the OG's: https://www.youtube.

Webinar Requests Fri Apr 5th 2019

Before I forget...Place requests for tomorrow's webinar in replies.  For new folks, I hold these Saturday's at 8:30AM Pacific / 11:30 Eastern, and it will be recorded, unless I forget to hit the button, which I did one time.

Tip of the Day Fri Apr 5th 2019

Have a read of Hoser's post overnight.  Remember, to keep my tables simple for me to manage, I'm giving you the entry tightest to the stop I just can't manage multiple entries in tables on all these trades. I need to trade too, not just post.


Trading Timeframes with Elliott Wave - Apr 27, 2018

Ryan Wilday talks about how he applies this knowledge of Elliott Wave to managing his cryptocurrency model portfolios in multiple timeframes, making long-term holds, swing trades, and short-term 'scalps' as part of this trading repertoire.

Applying Elliott Wave to Crypto Trading - Jan 17, 2018

In this webinar Ryan covers the basics of Elliott Wave and how it applies to analyzing Cryptocurrency charts and generating successful trades with appropriate risk management.

Revisiting Crypto Trading for Beginners - Jan 3, 2018

In this webinar Ryan revisits getting started in the ever changing Cryptocurrency market including new discussions on security and taxes. He also showcases some of the performance in his Cryptocurrency service since the launch in August 2017.

Crypto Trading for Beginners - July 27, 2017

This 1-hour Webinar by Ryan covers the following:

  • What is a Crypto currency?
  • What are the unique benefits and risks of Crypto trading?
  • How can you enter the Crypto market?
  • Does Elliott Wave work with the Crypto markets?

Other Presentations

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Trading Elliott Wave + Crypto 'Predictions' (PDF)

Applying Elliott Wave and ‘Fibonacci Pinball’ to analyzing cryptocurrency charts and trading different timeframes, including setting stops and targets. Presented at the SF Money Show, Aug 24, 2018.

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