Tax and Retirement Planning for Traders and High Net Worth Individuals

As traders, we always question what the most efficient way is to structure our trading businesses, how the various trading products are taxed differently, and, with the complexity involved in the taxing scheme, who we can turn to for reliable answers to these questions that come up all the time. 

In this 1-hour presentation, hosted by ElliottWaveTrader's Avi Gilburt, Yosef Manela, JD, CPA, answers these and other questions with which we are faced.

In addition, for those of us who have been blessed with success, one of the other issues we face is how to garner the most tax advantages from the current IRS code.  Co-presenter Ronald K. Stair, PhD, MLT, EA, ERPA, gives us some ideas of how higher net worth individuals can shelter more of their income through retirement planning ideas.