Elliott Wave Overview for Newcomers - September 15, 2012

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
  2. History of General Elliott Wave Principles (4 minute)
  3. Two Modes of Patterns: rough start time (6 minute)
    • Basic 5 wave structure/sequence
      • Impulsive waves
      • Corrective Waves
  4. Application of Fibonacci Sequence within Elliott Wave (10 minute)
    • How to Calculate the most common retracement and extension targets of waves using Fibonacci
  5. What is Elliott Wave Pinball (20 minute)
    • Detailed chart examples and explanation of how Avi uses Fibonacci with Elliott Wave
  6. Q&A with webinar attendees (38 minute)
    • How to use Technicals with Elliott Wave?
    • What are Avi's favorite technical indicators to use?
    • What are the differences between Day and Swing trade alerts on the website?
    • What is meant by and how to find confluence on charts?
    • How to draw Fibonacci extensions?
    • ..and many more questions which covered current market conditions and charts.
  7. Thank you and Well Wishes (86 minute)