Are You Ready for a 30% Correction?

Avi Gilburt
Leo Valencia
First, Leo
Mike Golembesky
Garrett Patten
Zac Mannes
As the market approaches the long-term targets that we set years ago, our ElliottWaveTrader team examines this current "topping phase" and provides suggestions on preparing your portfolio for the coming 30% correction.
In this Webinar, moderated by Thomas Sweeney and featuring our analysts Avi Gilburt, Zac Mannes, Garrett Patten, Mike Golembesky, and Leo Valencia, we present:  
  • Our long-term expectations for the S&P 500
  • Our targets for the correction
  • Stocks which can be shorting candidates
  • Options strategies to protect your portfolio during the correction
  • How to trade the VXX to prosper during the downturn

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