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Today's Market Volatility: Liquidity Will Reign Supreme

Good Afternoon HDO FamilyThe market indexes are falling due to the likely collapse of Evergrande in China, which might have a material impact on the Chinese economy. Evergrande is the largest real estate company in China, and is expected to default on over $300 billion in debt. The US market is responding with a widespread sell-off of almost everything. Most of our picks are holding up better than the broader market, but in such a wide-scale sell-off nothing is spared. Market DirectionTo use a word that has become vogue, we expect this dip to be transient.
by Rida Morwa - 1 year ago

Grow Your Income Faster Than Inflation

Grow Your Income Faster Than InflationGood afternoon EWT, one of the issues we have been discussing at HDO are the real risks of rising inflation and its devastating effects for those who cannot offset inflation with higher paychecks, such as retirees, or those near retirement. These risks can also be devastating, even if you are employed and saving towards building your nest egg. We published an article to members last week highlighting some areas that we are focussing on to hedge against inflation risk. Below is a portion of that article.
by Rida Morwa - 1 year ago