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Market Analysis for Jan 17th, 2024

SPY - OK Here is the setup. End of next week or even early week after SPY Calls.
by Mike Golembesky - 3 months ago

Market Analysis for Oct 30th, 2020

We should still get more of a iv-v inside C of (2), but this can be trying to get a little extension of circle iii first.So far I think this is a nice calm move down. Vol is not going crazy, but I think we should see a few more fireworks into Nov before we get a lasting bottom.Setting up for a NICE few years.
by Zac Mannes - 3 years ago

Market Analysis for Aug 25th, 2020

Moving my a-b inside the 5th. Fits with SMH, XLK, QQEW etc. "Uh-oh, Zac is getting desperate... he is breaking out all the stops, even the TC2000 charts including the McClellan Oscillator...
by Zac Mannes - 3 years ago

Tale of Two Tapes

While the SP scraped out a new nominal ATH... only 6% of stocks made new 52wk highs. This divergence can be seen clearly in comparing the equal weight RSP to SPY. Not only is RSP still under the Feb high but it is even still under the June high allowing it to be the B of the wider flat for (2) still. We see a good mix of ind stocks in StockWaves that fit into each faction and those that look like they only need a C down to complete ALL of (2) will be at the top of our lists for the next round of rotation when many other things might be only "A" of a new ABC for (2).
by Zac Mannes - 3 years ago

Thoughts into the Close...

great action off the ah's session last night in my work for bears....when you look at a chart pretty much since the Fed rally, we went straight down with very little to bounce finally from 2771 to 2835+ futures and from sub 2800 cash to gets all the short the Buffet headline folks in the hole from the early morning weakness completely being unwound....likely covered or questioning into close....which is great...created a nice i think if they hold it under the pink net...tomorrow and wednesday can be a big down days.... then sentiment will get hyper bearish again...(i want to close all my shorts from 2950) into that weakness 2750/2700.....
3 years ago

Adding Leverage here at 2700 (SPY calls)

alright going with my instincts...i think its too early for the world to cascade and markets blow up...feels like the timing would be very problematic, and screw up a lot of things longer run...all charts are at Butt Cheek hey they hold or they don;t...but my stop is 25 away...and a hit t the upside is atleast 100 if not a lot more... so im adding my last bit of leverage here at 2705...shorter term for a run to 2800+...details in thread ----- stop will be 2680 roughly....
5 years ago