short term path/plan

based on a weeks worth of going through few hundred get a sense of the shorter term posture of the masses....also where vol is...where metals and bonds are, best read is posted below

this is the path that i will be trading/following/tracking to start the year....

want to see a quick fall sub 3200...(this week).....think it sets up one more new highs 3275/3330...before we finally get a meaningful correction to re-set sentiment/conditions/etc.....think that correction base-line can take SPX from said 3275/3330 back down to 3150/3050 or a 4/9% pull-back from those highs.....where i plan to play it by ear from there....and see what everything looks like in conjunction there...

this is subject to change on a dime...but thought i'd share my thoughts and plan for the short run...

$SPX - Jan-07 1119 AM (1 day)
$SPX - Jan-07 1119 AM (1 day)