VIX Service Capitalizing On Market Volatility

Mike Golembesky's VIX & ETF Trading service had two big winners this week using both UVXY and IWM options. The UVXY trade increased more than 3x in value, whereas the IWM trade gained more than 4x. These trades were based on the analysis Mike laid out in the room, in which he was looking for a big drop in the volatility space along with a rally in the equity markets from the recent turn in those markets earlier this month.

While the inability of this market to catch a sustained trend has been challenging for many traders, this type of environment has given the VIX service's members a number of very nice setups over the past several months. The increased market volatility along with Mike's accurate analysis has provided members with many high-probability, shorter-term setups.

As Mike explains, "I think the volatile markets will be around for a while, which should allow members of the VIX & Index ETF service to continue to have success in an otherwise very difficult market."

Overheard About Mike This Week:  "Mike G is an effing wizard."  --UncleHank

"Special thank you to MIKE for two different trades that expire today, up 2x and 4x in just 2 weeks!  Absolutely amazing.  I can make more money taking your 'lotto trades' with 1% of my account than I can making 40-50 trades in a week using my own trading strategy."  --Z3Jared

"'re an absolute superstar!" --riffer21