Two More HDO Holdings Raise Dividends

EWT's dividend service High Dividend Opportunities (HDO) saw two more dividend raises in its model portfolio this week, after two the previous week, continuing to prove that you can find high-yield and enjoy dividend growth.

Saratoga Investment Corp (SAR), a BDC that HDO has held since 2019, raised its dividend for the second time this year.  The stock is up 27% YTD, and the company has been buying back shares.  HDO expects that SAR, which is currently yielding 6.9%, will continue increasing its dividend quarterly for the foreseeable future.

Also this week, Capital Southwest (CSWC) increased its dividend for the second time this year after reporting strong earnings on Tuesday after close. That morning, HDO had published a bullish article on the stock, and the next day Rida Morwa wrote:

"There is a lot to be excited about with CSWC, they are taking advantage of great conditions and expanding at exactly the right time. The best part is, that they are sharing that success with us shareholders with yet another dividend raise. CSWC is doing exactly what we expected – providing us a solid income and growing that income."

CSWC, which is now yielding 7.9%, ended the week with its stock price up 9.4% and its dividend up 4% over last year.

High Dividend Opportunities, described as the #1 service for income investors and retirees, offers a "model portfolio" targeting a yield of +9% using its "Income Method" strategy. You can read more about the "Income Method" here.