Top Calls of The Week

In his VIX & Index ETF Trading service, Mike Golembesky put out an alert on Tuesday to add UVXY puts. The original goal of the trade setup was for those puts to increase in value by 244%. By Friday morning that goal had been achieved with the puts having hit a 270% increase when Mike issued an alert in the room closing out his position.

"If you're trading UVXY and not following MikeG's VIX service you're out of your GD mind. The guy is a ROCKSTAR."  --UncleHank

In his Index Quant Signals service, Victor Nguyen caught the low in CL (Oct) on Wednesday, adding it at 81.96 and exiting on Friday at 86.20. In addition, as the ES hit the 3907 low on Sep 1, Victor went long via SPY $405 Calls (expiring Oct 7) at $5.23 per contract, and exited this past Friday at $9.00 per contract when ES hit 4057 for a 72% gain on the SPY options contract.

"Victor is amazing. Cool as a cucumber, smart and a rainmaker!!" --CapSix(Lou)

In his ES Trade Alerts service, Ricky Wen has continued his momentum from July (+147 ES points) and August (+241 points), now up 138 ES points in 10 trades so far in September. Ricky had 6 trades this week, one for a 20 point loss, two flat, and the remaining three up 25.38, 27.50 and 55.25 points.

"Wow.  This trade has been my most profitable trade since i joined the service.  Thank you Ricky!!!!"  --Andres

In our Metals, Mining & Agriculture service, Zac Mannes and Garrett Patten have been closely tracking Copper Futures (HG), recently adding it as a Wave Setup and following the smaller-degree moves off its 3.35 low.  Read more about the analysis here.

"Thank you Zac for the copper futures chart. I made enough money the last 2 days off it that it has paid for the next several years' worth of family vacations."  --Rowan (Sep 9 DM)

Overheard this week about our EWT team:  

"Thanks Avi and all honored analysts, as a retail trader, EWT really changed my life." --Ultima
"Avi, you and your team provide soooo much value.  Thank you.  Truly Top-Notch, World-Class."  --theCa