The Smart Money Trading System Changes

System Changes...

I know we had a lot of posts over the weekend... I wanted to summarize everything in one place.

First of all, from an end user perspective, not much has changed except for a new C-Class short trade setup. What has changed are the win rates for the different classes. C-Class longs supported by odds have been reclassified as A-Class longs to take advantage of more size there. B-Class shorts and longs stay the same. And with the movement of a bunch of setups over to A-Class, C-Class longs now have a lower win rate...BUT at the same time, this win rate has been higher during the last one year - so I would not ignore them but take them with smaller size and maybe trade around them. I will be posting all C-Class trades long and short as usual in the trade table - however if you enter them, keep the win rates shown below in mind and manage your expectations accordingly.... It is your choice on entering or waiting for higher odds trades. If you do enter them, trading around them and being nimble is an option.....

Full stats:

Size is going to be the same. 150% size for A-Class, 100% size for B-Class and 50% size for C-Class. A-Class is longs only. B and C can be long or short.

Stop analysis done by Jimmy. Stop is going to stay the same at a standard 2.5%.

And the full new ABC trade data spreadsheet : LINK

Lastly the LT Portfolio... I made the decision to make the LT Port also into an officially tracked signal... It will be tracked in the Long term indicator page here... We are currently long but I will track it in that page from the next active signal onward. For now, we will continue to track in our daily reports as usual.

LT Model Stats

Take it easy.. and remember :

1. You do not have to be in the market ALL the time...

2. The result of any one single trade does not really matter... So manage your risk and treat this like a business.  And take all trades.... definitely ALL A and B Class trades.

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