Stock Waves Releases "Nifty Fifty" Hot List

With some initial evidence that the fourth wave correction off the January high has completed in the broader market, Stock Waves has issued another "Hot List" of stocks that strongly support a fifth wave to new highs.

The so-called Stock Waves "Nifty Fifty" was released this past Thursday evening in the service's weekly Live Video. Stock Waves members can access the video and charts here.

As co-host Garrett Patten explains, "Most of these stocks have wave counts that are closely aligned with the broader market and most have shown good relative strength during the correction. As with previous lists, candidates were vetted on basic fundamental metrics and most wave counts also fit into larger trends."

He adds, "Every chart is not necessarily immediately actionable, and this is not a model portfolio. We will be posting Wave Setups in the coming weeks as each subwave pattern presents an actionable opportunity. There are a few overlapping picks with our SW70 list presented in January, but many stocks from that list are still active Wave Setups and we wanted to offer new opportunities as well."

To access the list and accompanying video, please join us in Stock Waves!