Stock Waves Earnings Calls Achieve 68% Win Rate

Zac Mannes' and Garrett Patten's earnings calls had a winning ratio of 68% in this second week of the earnings season.

The Stock Waves co-hosts had 71 winners and just 33 misses, with INTC -10.0%, MAN +7.0%, CNI +8.0%, LRN +8.2%, and OMF -7.7% among stocks moving in their anticipated direction after releasing earnings.

TSLA was also a big winner, with Zac noting, "TSLA faded a tiny bit initially in more of the small iv as expected and then rocketed up in the start of our v of (iii)! Up >6% so far!"

Regarding TSLA, member MrBruce wrote:  "Great call on earnings Zac.  Beauty."

"Therandomuser" (a member from SA) noted: "My SW portfolio is up as much in the past week as my 'Buffet' portfolio is in the past year."

And viper added:  "I find it amazing how a lot of the Elliott Wave patterns work so well with the forecasted fibs on such a consistent basis."