Rave Reviews For New Trading System

Rave reviews continue to roll in for Princely Mathew's new trading system at The Smart Money service.

Since launched on May 13, the new system has had a win rate of 84%, yielding 494 ES points for a total weighted return of 12%.

The biggest change in the system is the classification and sizing of trades based on their odds, as gauged by backtests.  "A-Class" trades -- those that have a win rate of 96% in Princely's backtests -- are leveraged at 1.5x, whereas B-Class are full-sized trades and C-Class 1/2-sized trades.

Member Canucope wrote this week:  "Seriously folks, if you haven’t checked out The Smart Money Room you’re only hurting yourself. The system is as easy to follow as A B C, literally. Princely and the TSM are fine tuning everyday and guiding us through the chop with a profit. Do yourself a favor, at least look at his system back testing and decide for yourself."

"Absolutely superb system and extremely easy to follow," added David 96.  "Most of time just enter or exit a trade at end of day.  Sometimes the opportunity presents itself during the day."

"My account is up 19% since Princely did his most recent (and spectacular) system revision on May 17," wrote Brockwell.