NDLA historical results - Market Analysis for Jul 17th, 2019

This has been requested before by many of you. Here are performance databases for NDLA and NDLA2.0 since May18 2018 ( the seemingly arbitrary start is just due to the way I compute distances in sessions instead of absolute dates).

NDLA classic results: https://storage.googleapis.com/gamma-trader-positions/amb/ndla_results4.csv

NDLA 2.0 results: https://storage.googleapis.com/gamma-trader-positions/amb/ndla2_results4.csv

The bottom line, total unfiltered profit from NDLA during this period (until yesterday) is $9,707.5 using 1 contract only every time (very inefficient allocation strategy but good baseline).

Total unfiltered profit for NDLA2.0 for the same period: $16,790 using 1 contract only.

Total Naive result (doing the trade every day): $4,015 total profit which shows the starting edge of this strategy is very good.

Both results are obtained when taking trades only when prob >= 0.5

Now you can play with this to your heart's content and run other kinds of analysis on it.

Leo Valencia hosts the Gamma Optimizer options service at ElliottWaveTrader.net.