Kudos For Ricky's Trades

Ricky Wen had a strong week in his ES Trade Alerts service, in which he also provides bonus setups in other U.S. indices as well as in CL/crude oil futures.

In a swing trade in CL, Ricky rode a long position from $70 to $75, and also netted 192 points in 3 long NQ trades.

Members are taking notice:

"I love this service!!!!!! I highly recommend it!"  --Bucksadelphia

"Awesome entry on CL last night ... nailed it, Ricky!"  --TioLiba

"I'm still new to Ricky's service but the vibes here are awesome! ❤ And one after the other: great trades to choose from. Prescient and actionable with clear parameters." --FALLACY_NAVIGATOR

"Great service and very timely and great for the day traders amongst us." --StochasticInvestorCiscoKid

"Ricky helps pay the bills. Absolutely a stud trader."  --slabking

"Never leaving this site or Ricky. Absolutely best service and recommendations - hands down."  --MJK

"I'm new to Ricky's service, but I really like what I've seen so far. Defined initial risk and profit targets at the start of each trade, break even and trailing stops when the market goes your way, and taking partial profits along the way to lock in the money. With all the mini and micro futures contracts available at the CME, I can take position sizes appropriate for my risk tolerance, and easily take partial profits when Ricky recommends it.  I've been trading commodity futures for 32 years, and Ricky is one of the best I've seen!"  --markvan66

"Ricky’s daily trading education, clear explanations, insight to investor psychology and rapid response to market fluctuations has enabled me to generate a solid income from trading."  --Gmoney