Introducing Smart Money Scalp Magnets

Introducing Smart Money Scalp Magnets…

Swing trading using my main indicator Odds had an exceptional year in the 2020 to late 2021 period. After that as we entered 2022, Odds and most other Swing methods began to badly underperform compared to historical data. Around that time, I began looking at different methods, timeframes and trading systems to figure out what would work best in the environment we were seeing… I worked through a lot of things before finally arriving at the scalp magnet system.. I began posting these in the Smart Money room early this year.. began actively trading them myself since March 17th.. and most of the members have also joined in over the days since..

What is the scalp magnet system..

This is this info/sample that I post on it -

--Upside, med.term/ weeks/month(s): 4310 & 4420.

--Upside, short term/ day(s)/week(s)   4178 & 4230.

--Downside, short term/ day(s)/week(s)   4074 & 4058 & 4040 & 4025 & 4010 & 4000.

--Downside, med.term/ weeks/month(s):    3857 & 3780 & 3630

What this means is.. we have 4 ES targets to the upside and 9 ES targets to the downside. Scalp magnets are simply high odds numbers on ES that eventually get hit by the market. All that the system says is - it has a high chance to hit.. but not when. But this is information that a trader can use. We can have 2 accounts one long and one short and just open 4 contracts to the upside and 9 contracts to the downside. 

OR.. you can just have one account and be net short 5 contracts. This may seem difficult to understand or maybe even counter intuitive at times. But it just works. Since Mar 13th, I have traded 1 MES per scalp magnet. Which is just the micro ES contract.. And I have booked $7,147 as of today on the system.. on just 1 MES.. obviously you can scale things up quite easily...  The system is just well suited to the current whipsaw market we are in.. and even when we have short trends, the system has been churning out profits consistently. 

I explain more about the system/method in this video :

Tags have been added Scalp and ScalpEnd. Around 9 minutes.. but well worth your time IMO.. Check it out and see if this system is something you might want to try out..

In my view, the advantages -

  1. Not dependent on any particular market direction and also it does not require the market to trend in order to work.
  2. I share all numbers in advance. You just put in the limit orders and keep adjusting along the way. The best part here is no slippage - you will get the same entries as I do. This used to be a big concern for me whenever following anyone else - I never get the same prices as the system author - and this ended up eating into my profits. There is no way for that to happen here. You get exactly what the system and I get. 
  3. This offers a very good hedge to your swing positions. And when it points in the same direction as your swing, it often ends up supercharging your account performance.
  4. Just 1 MES per scalp magnet is enough to make a very good return. See below data from Feb 1st till date… In excess of 2000 points made per one MES. And this is actual data based on what I posted in the room. And as I noted above I traded it myself since Mar 13th and made over $7000 since then.. just using 1 MES per magnet published...

Due to the sheer volume of data and trades in a scalping system, above compilation on points is not 100% accurate but it is pretty close.. dollar values booked in my account IS 100% accurate..

If above system sounds like something that might work for you, come check it out.. let me know if you have questions after watching the video and reading through…  

Princely Mathew hosts The Smart Money premium service at ElliottWaveTrader.