Bayesian Signals Producing Big Gains

Luke Miller's Bayesian Signal Alerts booked big gains this past week, exiting setups that were added on October 12, right before the market's recent rally.

The service provides trade signals for dozens of ETFs across indices, metals, commodities, and GBTC, offering two types of setups:  1) BTS Alerts (5-30 day hold time) and 2) Trading Notes for more active traders.

Luke went 9 for 10 in his BTS Alerts trades, led by GBTC +12.8%, SLV +6.8%, and GDX +6.1%, and had winners in all of his last 15 Notes trades. 

Assuming a 10-tranche portfolio, Luke notes that the BTS Alerts combined with the Trading Notes in October have yielded a portfolio return of 18% so far -- with the YTD return at 61%.

Here's what members have had to say:

"Joining Luke's service may be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.  Totally crushing it." --Stern4141

"Great service and amazing daily guidance from Luke! Highly recommend both of Bayesian rooms." --Artyom

"Luke’s service keeps you on the right side with minimal time investment.  Scary good entries and exits across a diversified set of instruments.  I’d recommend it to anyone, but especially good for those with full-time commitments that prevent them from baby-sitting positions." --Jedi_Joe

"I use it for my larger swing account and it is incredibly lucrative and simple." --Lekkerbraai

"Luke's service has been great! Not just to make money but to learn about the importance of diversification, position size, and more. My only regret is that I didn't join sooner."  --Xocomil