Another Big Winning Week in Stock Waves

It was another outstanding week for Stock Waves picks, a number of which broke through their resistance levels.

Among these were ADI, AVNW, BLDR, BSX, WIRE and AMD.

AMD, added as a Wave Setup on Dec 20 at 65.54, reached a high of 88.94 on Thursday in the c wave of (A), up 35% from the alert.  

AVNW, also added on Dec 20 (at 31.37), reached 39.80 on Thursday, up nearly 20% that day alone after reporting earnings.

In addition to AVNW, a number of other Stock Waves earnings calls performed very well this week.

CLX and HOG both gained around 8% on earnings following Stock Waves co-host Zac Mannes' bullish pre-ER analysis.

DB dropped 7.5% and COP 12% after a calls for fades following ER, with COP leading many energy names lower.

GOOS lost more than 25% initially after Stock Waves showed the strong potential for the start of a larger (5)th down.  "Really great call on this guys,” noted member hiyall64.

Other member kudos in Stock Waves this week:

"Your call on chips is one for the highlight reel. One of your best in recent memory." --Destin98

"you guys have been spot on!  You're an animal for how much work you're pumping out solo. Many, many thanks! (like 5 zeros of it)" --jpatt

"Good Morning, no more Zac, your new name is,  The Coin Maker!  My account thanks ya!  aka TCM!" --Luke-M73