Forex Trading Service

Hosted by Arkady Yakhnis

Arkady Yakhnis

Analysis of Charts and Trading Opportunities in Fiat Currency, Cryptos and Precious Metals.

What Members Receive:

  • Analysis of Charts and Trading Opportunities in the following
    • Major Forex Pairs, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, and AUD/USD.
    • Minor Forex Pairs
    • Metals Pairs, including XAUUSD, XAGUSD, XAUEUR, XAUCAD, XAGCAD, and XAGGBP.
    • Cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH and ADA.
  • Cross-Pair Analysis by Member Request, including precious metals or cryptos paired with CAD, EUR or other foreign currencies.
  • Weekly Live Video, in which Arkady presents his charts and wave counts and answers member questions.

About The Strategy:

The service is for anyone with a near- to intermediate-term time horizon for investing in currencies and precious metals.  The analysis is based on extensive understanding of Elliott Wave theory combined with Fibonacci ratios and technical indicators.  Arkady was the third analyst added to our EWT team, which now numbers over 20, joining EWT in 2012 and adopting and building on founder Avi Gilburt’s analytical methodology.  He is also a key contributor to Avi’s Market Alerts, where he provides coverage of metals, energy and forex (DXY and EUR/USD), though reserves his more extensive and requested analysis for members of his Forex service.  In one of his many prescient calls, Arkady in October 2020 began calling for the EUR/USD to drop from its then high of 1.24 into the 0.98 area — a target that went on to be reached by mid-2022.

See Arkady’s most recent public, titled "What's The Next Euro-USD Trade Opportunity?  And much more!” which covers the range of charts currently analyzed in the service.  Also view our Introductory Webinar on Forex Trading, presented by Mike Golembesky, who originally hosted the Forex service.  And learn more about Elliott Wave analysis here


The service is priced at $99.95/month or $275/quarter, and discounted by 20% off the regular price when combined with a subscription to Cryptocurrency Trading.


Again MEGA-Gain Eur/USD....Thank you very are the best .... your prediction of BTC (20.) ist also amazing....THX!!! :)
RGG889 - Forex Room
Amazing charts ... thanks Arkady.
lounging - Trading Room
Big fan of Arkady myself. It’s clear EW can be counted many ways at any given time & he gives you those parameters to work with.
Skyfall77 - Trading Room
Arkady has pretty much nailed it every step of the way.
Hogwatch - Trading Room
Arkady without competitors [in response to a member question about who the best analyst is at EWT].
Aquarius - Trading Room