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I remember distinctly reading an article in 2011 by some kook who had the audacity to call the top in PM when they were obviously going nowhere but up. I dismissed him for the exact same reasons people dismiss him now and went on to suffer catastrophic losses over the next couple of years. Yesterdays highs of both GLD and GDX tapped Avi’s resistance zones nearly to the penny and have since turned down. And the guy gets criticized for being right. If you want to feel better about being wrong, stick to perma-pumpers like Adam Hamilton. If you’re interested in actual price action and calls that actually get updated as conditions change, this is the place to be.
"Destin" - SeekingAlpha
Whomever has yet to join Avi's EWT Pinball on SA or his main site you guys are really missing unbelievable opportunities. Their analysis, analysts and the groups are superb. Imagine knowing back in 2016 the market had 2 years and 800 Points of upside in his analysis and charts and one would have confidentially bought the bottom. On the ElliottWaveTrader.net you can and will get 100's of different charts, perspectives and the ability to buy with confidence or even more important not to buy if a indices or security is topping and should and will head lower which allows you to short, take profits or wait for a pull back. Now for the best part when they see a stock which looks like it is about to break out or down they post it and I have watched and experience many 5x,10x and even 20x returns in a few hours out to 1-10 day returns. Avi, you, your team and site is really far above anything I could have even imagined.
"dgnyc77" - SeekingAlpha
This EWT is the golden trail and bullet proof. I strongly suggest everyone become a paid subscriber to Avi's updates because while the hedge fund community is struggling to generate 1-2% alpha here you have the opportunity to generate 10-15%.
"mohsen_mazaheri@hotmail.com" - SeekingAlpha
I appreciate your your insightful technical analytical focus on the market. I have been a financial advisor for 37 years, and I have NEVER felt comfort from fundamental analysis as a predictive tool on future market movement. I have mostly felt anxiety. Thank you, Avi, to you and your associates, for helping me sleep better at night, because I no longer have to be imprisoned by the capricious whims of the fundamental analysts and soothsayer economists. -John Martin, proud subscriber to Elliott Wave Trader for 9 months, but follower of Avi Gilbert for many years
"john3148" - SeekingAlpha
I have been following you for a year and your accuracy is amazing. I am an old timer and I have never seen anything like it.
"Joe Stern" - SeekingAlpha
Congratulations, Avi. As a 2 year member of EWT, I have seen my portfolio more than double over these past 2 years, thanks to you and your wonderful team. I advise all 20,000 followers to check out the FREE TRIAL of this wonderful service. It's how I began.
"User 37220206" - SeekingAlpha
I believe Avi's system seems pretty good at detecting these movements and he has been way above average in his general market prognostications for awhile, imho. Good job Avi.
Microcap Growth Investor - SeekingAlpha
You are the most accurate forecaster, kudos deserved.
"larrhall" - SeekingAlpha
I have been following your SA commentary for quite some time, and while I was originally skeptical of the EW theory and methodology, your predictions have proven to be superior to virtually every other macro prognosticator I've been following. . . While the basis of your predictions defy conventional wisdom concerning the "rational behavior" of financial markets, the results speak for themselves.
"Fritz57" - SeekingAlpha
I've been following you for about 5 years now, and cannot find anyone who is more accurate.
"Reloader Will" - SeekingAlpha
This is some of the best forecasting you can find among the endless chaff and fluff on SA. Thanks. #ElliotWave
"B"isForBob - SeekingAlpha
I am a very good natural trader....I have traded for 60 years AVI is the best person I have encountered .....by far...
"guzzii" - SeekingAlpha
Avi, without question you have the best track record on SA.
"Thom Sawyer" - SeekingAlpha
Avi, I have been trading for a living 16 years, and you are the closest to the Holy Grail I have ever seen. I've made lots of money testing your theories and conclusions.
"docstox 12" - SeekingAlpha
Go back and see his analysis over the years. One word comes to mind," prescient".
"User 11824681" - SeekingAlpha
I've been following Avi Gilburt for about 5 years now and can assure you that NOBODY calls the metals better than he does. You may not agree with his methodology, but accuracy is all that matters. Can you say $cha-ching$?!!
"Ninja Trader" - SeekingAlpha
No other analyst has predicted the PM market better than AVI.
"dcramer29" - SeekingAlpha
Thanks Avi! Your perspective in probabilities have been remarkably accurate over the years. Really depend on your perspective as being one of the few things I can rely on.
"tempest73" - SeekingAlpha
I am new to Avi's site, and I can tell you they're running circles around all these so called "experts". Worth every penny!
"lonewolf71" - SeekingAlpha
I have followed Avi for years on his website. I can honestly and wholeheartedly say, that for me, carefully reading his words in his forecasts, and responsibly looking at his charts, I have profited tremendously (stock investing) and expect to continue to do so indefinitely.
"ThetaEWTInvestor" - SeekingAlpha
I have been a reader of Avis´s EWT now for quite some time (unfortunately not long enough, to prevent me losing money from 2011 onwards), and as long as you have in mind, that what you get there most of the time are probability assumptions, this is one of the best places to be in all the thousands of letters and publications available on the market.
"Tuliptrader" - SeekingAlpha
I signed up with Avi's service last year. I wouldn't trade any other system or with any other group of analysts. No system is perfect but his is close enough!
"Innate" - SeekingAlpha
Avi so great to see you back on SA where I originally read your comments. If it wasnt for SA i wouldnt have found Elliott Wave Traders and your incredible analysts team. Nothing but solid gold.
"bsuitor" - SeekingAlpha
Avi - you're the only one on SA that has been accurate, thank you for your detailed analysis and welcome back. You're accuracy is truly amazing.
"Skeptical of your pseudo-science" - SeekingAlpha
Ain't gonna lie - been reading AVI's articles for about 3 years. He's been frikin spot on with the gold trade.
"dcramer29" - SeekingAlpha
Avi Gilburt, the EW Guru.
"Quantum Profit" - SeekingAlpha
Avi bomaye! Avi bomaye! The famous Ali chant. Being a trader that has relied on tech analysis for almost 20 years I've found Avi's analysis to be probably the best money can buy. Like many of his SA followers I closely followed his Sunday articles until he went MIA and I gladly began to pay for the same weekly analysis on elliotwavetrader.net. I do admit I missed the back and forth posts from non-believers who are not making any money...If Avi continues to post regularly here on SA I will still pay for his service. I would say welcome back but I haven't missed a beat since you called the 2011 top on gold. AVI BOMAYE!
"chefkhepra" - SeekingAlpha
Avi is a Golden God. He has been spot on with his analysis. Made nice money bc of him.
"Crusher Creel" - SeekingAlpha
The multiple times per day emails I get from your service are really a comfort; they are more than reasonably accurate in terms of predictions of what will happen next...and have allowed me to profit from my investments in the metals without much worry. Thank you and your crew..
"thotdoc" - SeekingAlpha
Listen up everyone, if you want to make consistent money in the metals ETF's and PM miners sector, follow Avi's posts, or better yet, join his trading room at elliottwavetraders.net... is not a commercial, just a testimonial from a satisfied subscriber. Avi and his other analysts helped turn my portfolio around.....period
"DC West" - SeekingAlpha
Avi repeatedly demonstrated to be amongst the best on gold there are.
"yeti786" - SeekingAlpha
A True metals guru, the initials AG are icing on the cake.
"jlarzz" - SeekingAlpha
I'm going to miss your updates from your website, Avi. They have provided validation to what I've been seeing this year. I maneuver this market with the limited tools at my disposal. I'm not a day trader and I'm a teacher, so subscribing to your service doesn't seem monetarily feasible at this time in my life (I will be putting any extra money I save toward mining stocks and my cash balance). But, for those that have discretionary income, I highly recommend you subscribe to Avi's website for their free 15 day trial. I'm fairly confident you'll not be disappointed and will subscribe to receive his leads and guidance. I think metals is the perfect sector for the Elliott Wave Theory. Many thanks for your candor and guidance, Avi! I always look forward to reading your posts in SA. These next few weeks will be telling for the near term horizon for metals. There's no better time to sign up than now! I am not a paid spokesperson for Avi. Real just recognizes Real. We're all in this together. Let's grow together and with conviction! Best wishes to all.
"Strizzy" - SeekingAlpha
Avi is a master at seeing a movement before it happens.
"Jwwest" - SeekingAlpha
Your calls from when I first started reading you on SA, up to the most recent weekend update, have been astounding! Thanks for what you communicate and how you communicate it! It's been a blessing for me and allowed me to be a blessing for others.
"TableforSix" - Trading Room
Although I think his Elliott Wave methods are basically wizardry, he called this bottom and the last top.
"Concerned Contrarian" - Seeking Alpha
Avi is the best analyst in the gold space, at least for the past 5 years
"palait01" - SeekingAlpha
The more i shutup and follow avi's guidance, the more i make money. This is from a strong buy and hold fundamentalist.
"last chance" - Seeking Alpha
You cannot argue with success. Absolutely brilliant work. Since 2008 I have searched for a "rock" to stand on. You are it, and are all alone. I have stopped paying any attention to the 99.9% of "experts" who hope you forget about the BS they dished out the week before. You consistently point them in the right direction, but they foolishly stick to their failed line of thinking. Can't thank you enough.
"glenneagle" - Seeking Alpha
The author's predictions and calls have been highly actionable. Top traders have a 3 out of 10 success hit rate. This author has about 7 out of 10.
"DJ Sandcastle" - Seeking Alpha
I've been following Avi and his silver analysis since last March and have become a believer in Elliott Wave and Avi's Fibonacci Pinball. Thus, I grew tired waiting for new articles to come up on SA and joined elliottwavetrader.net. Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Pinball take some study (it's more a school of thought than a strategy or a few indicators) but the site has plenty of good materials and I've found the video webinars to be most helpful. Once you have a few tools to guide you, you begin to understand the market with new clarity. Admittedly, Avi's prognostication with silver seems a little less like soothsaying now that I understand his framework but it's made my relationship with "the market" much more proactive. I've traded for many years using a hodgepodge of techniques and finally... I feel like the searching has paid off. Not a paid shill :) - just a thankful investor. Thanks, Avi - I look forward to some shared success!
"Nelsonf" - Seeking Alpha
After reading your Sunday articles for the past five months now I can now say that I am impressed with your depth and complete knowledge and understanding of how our economic system affects the PMs market. I was one of those skeptics that was convinced that fundamentals drove the metals higher not sentiment. I am now a believer of Avi's!
"Yosemite Joe" - Seeking Alpha
It is very clear now that Jim Sinclair is NOT Mr. Gold. The title now goes to Avi.
"Dorky" - Seeking Alpha
Avi, You brought me here from SA ! Subscribing to EWT is the best investment I have made so far ! Thank you !
"bruno" - Trading Room
Thank you Avi, I invested in silver a year ago and have read every article I can find on silver since then. You are most accurate hands down.
"Mikeman3033" - Seeking Alpha
Avi, I was one of your first 15 members in your trading room (left as not trading anymore) and on your analysis alone you pulled me out of Silver at around $42 and you called the $26 to $22 drop many moons ago. CONGRATULATIONS on your EXACT analysis, please call the shot for the all in on SA as you and only you should be listened to when it comes to Silver IMHO. Once again, well done!
"Jack Schidt" - Seeking Alpha
Avi nails it again with the dip to 22-24 range! I am laughing all the way to the bank... Followers and detractors alike should be bowing subserviently in unison in his mighty direction, chanting Ahhh-veeee, Ahhh-veeee.
"Burticus" - Seeking Alpha
I had to be wrong on the price of silver over and over and read Avi's SA articles for months before I checked out his site. . . I feel like I have inside information now.
"FTG" - Trading Room
Avi; I so look forward to every one of your articles. Kind of like when I was a kid waiting for my favorite Saturday morning cartoon show. Your analyses & predictions are so spot on, they cannot be ignored.
"nocnurzfred" - Seeking Alpha
Avi I congratulate you on your predictions for gold/silver over the past half-year or so. To the extent that EW can be used to forecast price movement, you seem to have mastered the reading of these waves
"Capitalless Capitalist" - Seeking Alpha
Thanks Avi - you're a legend. A number of times I've been thinking of buying more silver but then read your warnings of no breakout yet so I've held off. Sure enough, no breakout came and the price often dropped. You've saved me quite a bit.
"Rexxels" - Seeking Alpha
I am soooo thankful I don't have to wade through articles on SA anymore, a waste of time. ALL I need is this site! :)
"NordicGlow" - Trading Room
I have been a lurker for quite some time, but I simply feel compelled to write. Avi, I have not seen ANYONE on Seeking Alpha who has been more correct or more accurate than you have been. Your targets come so ridiculously close, if they do not hit to the penny, that I almost always stunned.
"Avi'sFan" - Seeking Alpha
I follow Avi Gilburt and EWT, and have experienced better returns with less risk in less time by an enormous factor to my FA days. . . Avi's method of coupling TA with EWT, and supporting structure with Fibo's is incredibly effective, and I can take that to the bank, and if you had an open mind, you would too.
"Mustan9916" - Seeking Alpha
I have been following you and absolutely love reading your TA. It's great. Your predictions are nearly-godly
Dharmi - Seeking Alpha
I was one of those idiots who was difficult, but you converted me with your logic and then curiosity got the best of me. You have saved my investing life. On SA I made a comment to you about how my dog could trade stocks as he is also right 50% of the time, or something to that effect. LOL You have been right on the nose with AAPL and saved me more then a years membership.
"Kapt" - Trading Room
I appreciate your specific analysis and your willingness to come back and consistently update your thoughts. I don't think i have seen anyone be more specific and forthright with their predictions. It seems your approach with EW is as good as any and better than most on when to enter and exit trades.
"Jakurtz" - Seeking Alpha
Avi - Thank you for your continuing articles and insight on Seeking Alpha. I have been watching your calls for the past year and have made more money trading as a result. Period. . . . You are not perfect, but I have not found anyone else out there that has been more accurate and willing to take the risk of posting actual price targets
"Syndicate" - Seeking Alpha
I don't know how you do it but I have witnessed it almost to the penny . . . you've hit the nail on the head with more frequency then any others I've watched
"72horse" - Seeking Alpha
I have both saved money on the way down, and made more money on the way up reading your articles! Your writings have been more accurate than any other writer I have followed, nobody will ever be 100% accurate, but I feel like I have had a huge advantage having access to your articles!
"Silverman2013" - Seeking Alpha

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