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Been a member of Avi's site for about 6 months now. The analysts are the best I've ever followed. I have made money following their advice.
"Bill Of Rights" - Trading Room
He is right most of the times he is near to perfection in e wave predictions he is saying this same thing since jan 16 most of his levels are correct any one can trade based on his analysis with decent stop loss
"sunil minz" - MarketWatch
Avi need not defend himself as his record speaks for itself. As a weekly reader of his column he has accurately called the key levels to confirm support or resistance for many, many years.
Jude Smith - MarketWatch
Avi's work ranks right up there with the best EWT analysis I have read over the years.
Ed Pfiffer - MarketWatch
Avi has been absolutely sensational over the past 3-4 years!
Gary Strand - MarketWatch
I've only been with Avi Gilburt for three days now but he helped me recover my first month's subscription by x100 already. . . the bloke's a bloody genius.
"Alex Harrison" - MarketWatch
I have been reading your articles . . . and you have been incredibly accurate . . . better calls than anyone else I have ever seen on market watch
Eric Neptune - MarketWatch
Actually if anybody follow Avi's analysis should be very gratefull. I don't see any other analysis done more accurate with risk management. He’s one step ahead of the market always
Simon Cooper - Market Watch
I have been following you for a while now and think your foresight is best I have seen
"Jeff Wood" - MarketWatch
Avi called the target levels precisely, days in advance.
"Abc Def" - MarketWatch
Avi's columns are for serious traders who want to understand the markets better and profit from trading them. For me, they have always been a breath of fresh air compared to many of the other MW analysts.
"Michael Laing" - MarketWatch
[Avi} has assembled a small team of analysts that are very good at what they do. One specialize in stocks,one options one in world markets and one in metals and the dollar. Additionally, many of the members there are really good traders and they also offer help and ideas. I have tried many trading rooms and this place is hands down the best in terms of learning and the people involved there. Avi is also very generous with his time and his knowledge. Avi also introduced fib pinball there and it is unbelievably accurate at catching support and resistance. Try the trail for 2 weeks and explore the site. Read the articles and watch the free educational webinars. Watch what folks do in the trading room and check it out for yourself. You still have to execute trades yourself but for precision market analysis its a great site.
"Sam I am" - MarketWatch
Avi has been spot on unlike others on here - the crazy old man who talks like a kids book and Gayed who couldnt find a commission with both hands. You rock Avi
"Don’t Like Investment Advisors" - MarketWatch
I have to admit I WAS a market news junkie. All of the writers on the site were great at telling me why the market was up or down after the fact then have another article to explain the opposite when the market changed. It was so obvious to see each person's bias. When I came across some of your articles I realized that you didn't have a bias. You looked at the market for what it was and traded on what the market was telling you at that point in time. During the free trial you offered I came to realize what a tremendous pool of talent you have attracted to this site and how much I have to learn. I have only been on subscription for a few weeks and have not yet made a trade in that time. I have paid my share of stupid tax and am not in any hurry but know that my next trade will be based on excellent analysis and not on any bias on my part. I have really enjoyed all of the analysis that you and everyone else here has provided and feel honored to a be a part of this site. I would rather spend my time reading these posts than any article on Marketwatch (except for yours which I would read here first anyway)
"Tarheel" - Trading Room
Avi has been dead on with regard to AAPL if you look back at his articles and responses
Satish Mathan - MarketWatch
Avi is the one to pay attention too, read, learn and ask the right questions, nothing is perfect but with Avi your chances to profit increase substantially.
Jeff Perkins - MarketWatch
We are fortunate to have an analyst of the high caliber of Avi writing at Market Watch. He doesn't have to be right all the time to garner my respect. But the truth is, he's right way more often than not. Thanks, Avi, for your superb insights and clarity.
Stuart Smithfield – MarketWatch
Avi, I always read your articles on marketwatch, and I kept noticing over and over how your analysis was so thoughtful, and so much more accurate, when compared to other marketwatch authors. The rest of them all seemed lost compared to you. Then I noticed you had the free 15 day trial...and I was hooked! It's funny because I have not been back to marketwatch since!
"WorkerB" - Trading Room
You kept nailing major market turns when everyone else bombed (on Marketwatch). That's when I decided to sign up
"Chance" - Trading Room
I have no compulsion to even go to Marketwatch anymore to see "the news." That used to seem to be so important and necessary until I began witnessing your wave count projections very accurately make sense of the market's movements, over and over, regardless of "the news.
"WaveRider" - Trading Room
I'm not a technician, nor do I trade based on charts alone, but if you go back and read Avi's articles over the past year you will be shocked at his accuracy.
Pete Effinger - MarketWatch
Read your MarketWatch articles for ES through Spring of 2012. Kept thinking "Who does this guy think he is, predicting not only direction but price levels!" Then got myself whipsawed week after week, only to go back and say, "What was it he said?" Took me about six months of this to come around.
"Justin" - Trading Room
I have always admired your work . What you bring to the table is first rate analysis.
Avi you're going to have to change your name to Right Again Gilburt!!! Your simply Amazing analysis is way better than other EW analysts
"Judy Barnes" - MarketWatch
...it's almost scary how precise your predictions are! You have turned me into a believer. With the power of hindsight I have been going though your articles about Apple especially, and you are so spot on with your UP and DOWN price targets it's (almost) unbelievable. Thanks heaps for your great analysis!
Adriaan Remeeus - MarketWatch
Mr. Gilburt, I have been following you for the past year, and, to your full credit, your calls have been precise - which is very difficult.
Dan V. - MarketWatch
Continued kudos for your wave analysis! Your record over the past year is indisputable! I almost, at mid-November's new bottom, threw in the fundamental towel and body surfed the wave per your strong admonishment! But my fundamental education did not teach me how to divide (discount NPV) by ZERO or negative net real returns! I keep coming up with a tsunami that is difficult to go body surfing in! Live and learn! Keep up the excellent work!
Gary Strand - MarketWatch
I've been following Avi for a while... it's quite amazing how on point he is.
"Harp Man" - MarketWatch
In my experience, Avi Gilburt is the best in the business, and is ready to teach those who are ready to learn. I started checking out his EW quidance a few months ago via his website, and it's the absolute best decision I have made in a long time when it comes to my investments. Why? Because I am learning more now than ever before about the market, and finally have the confidence that I can consistently make money investing... regardless if the market is going up or down. One of the many things I have improved on is my ability to plan ahead based on where we are in the elliot wave pattern (i.e. if AAPL turns here, I will do X, and if it breaks through there, I will do Y). While I am still early in the learning phase, I am much better positioned than I have ever been from a mentality and approach perspective. I'd highly recommend you guys give it a try. One warning though.... expect to work at it and don't expect to be spoon fed!
Percy Rose - MarketWatch
I read Marketwatch everyday, and who kept popping up? Avi. So I loosely followed his articles, and sure enough - his calls were good....... good enough that I stated looking forward to his articles. Low and behold....... here I am. The trial was fantastic (thanks for offering it), and the people posting are very nice. I still don't really understand the whole wave within a wave and how it structures yet....... but I'll learn. At least Fibs are easy as pie :) Now I'm starting to understand that EW isn't voodoo - it requires understanding something that isn't easy to grasp. How can most people predict future human emotion when they don't have control over their own emotions in the present? They can't: Thus to most = EW is Voodoo.
"Dark_Element" - Trading Room
Avi, to tell the truth, I have just joined the site after following your uncanny ability to nail your calls for the last 4 weeks on MarketWatch. I have to congratulate you on your prescience.
"CliffyH" - Trading Room
(I) am a major league disbeliever of imaginary lines as I call them. But I have gone back and proofed these very detailed turn points for 2012. They are amazingly correct. Hey, try this week and the "forecasted" points in this article? He is on to something! Avi is amazingly accurate and his precision inflection points are eerily spot on! I acknowledge this brilliance and currently I am a "Poor" Village Idiot for not drinking the EW Kool Aid!
Gary Strand - MarketWatch

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