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The strength of this site is that there are many technicians and different points of view. The open forum allows for all sorts of scenarios and possibilities. Avi is the master. That allows those that subscribe to get more information, upon which decisions are made. . So many folks of incredible talent at this site, it is really exceptionally well put together
"Sacred618" - Trading Room
I've been subscribing to Elliot Wave Trader for a fews months now, and I can't believe how many knowledgeable people are part of this service and group!
"donkey" - Trading Room
I haven't been here long, but I've been to a lot of other analyst's sites, and EWT is BY FAR the most remarkable trading community I have seen. The folks here, and by that i mean both the analysts AND the members who contribute here regularly are playing this game in an entirely different league. Awesome!
"EoinYurself" - Trading Room
This has got to be the most talented group of really sophisticated traders of any site.
"Sacred618" - Trading Room
It's more than a community of a number of very talented individuals here -- much more like an extended family where most people are genuinely interested in the welfare of others on the site. That makes this site something much more than would merely the talent alone.
"Nasent" - Trading Room
Cycle work and relying on only one indicator can be hazardous to one's trading account, IMHO. Have tried many sites, pundits, and analysts since 1998. Nothing comes close to the depth, quality and accuracy offered by the analysts and certain members on this site.
"UK459" - Trading Room
Without question, some of the best traders around are on this site!
"Fred_Garvin" - Trading Room
This is another reason I love this site - not only are the analysts great, but the subscribers are too, and very willing to share extremely interesting points of view, trading info and strategies.
"DougH2O" - Trading Room
I joined this site almost a year ago to follow Avi's longer term guidance on metals . . and consider it to be the best trading site I came across due to: 1. Incredible leadership from Avi, both in analyses and being "The Boss". 2. An unbelievably talented, diversified, hard-working and responsible team of analysts. 3. Many extremely competent traders among the membership who generously share their work and insight in this room.
"CountDown" - Trading Room
I realized that tomorrow is my 3 years membership here! Would like to say that this place is unique and no doubts - the best place to trade in the world ever. Only here one can be as close to analysts as possible, get a fast reply to the questions and receive a professional advice.
"Apollo13" - Trading Room
The combo of EW from the staff (and a few members), EHE's Razz wave and PC Ratio.... and now SilverSurfer.... goodness, the Feds are going to shut this site down for being too accurate.
"Hang" - Trading Room
Can I afford it? = Expense Can I afford to be without it? = Value I got the answer to the second question today. We sure have a VALUABLE group of intellectual misfits :) here. I don't want anything as servers and load balancers have a mind of their own sometime. What I got comped today with this outage was the understanding that a couple hundred bucks a month is a steal for the wealth of information y'all provide!
"DanE" - Trading Room
EWT is awesome, amazing....in fact there is no exact word for it (or at least not in my vocabulary)
"Peter" - Trading Room
I will say this for the price I pay for Avi’s main service and stock waves . . . you can’t get better information anywhere on the web for even double or triple that amount
"Bulls or Bears" - Trading Room
Over the past few months I have been profitable on EVERY TRADE I have made by carefully using Avi's support resistance guidelines together with planned out buy/sell orders... scaling in and out carefully... Most of the strongest voices on his site are serious traders and money managers that are moving serious money. These people aren't puttzing around playing games. They are making serious money.
Aaron Skoglund – Market Watch
EWT is great for many reasons, but the community is what puts this place over the top. I remain a rookie (despite my age :) and have been in over-drive learning mode for several months now.... and this site has done so many things.... from giving me great outside resources, to inspiration to what's possible, to insights into things I'd never have come up with on my own.... I've gotten PM's (including tonight) from members I don't know offering help, insight or encouragement..... and so much more. This weekend in particular - just amazing!!! I'd name names.... but frankly, if you posted anything this weekend.... you are one of them. Great stuff all!!! When and if I can contribute, or help, I will... just because that's what I've gotten from all of you..... and the vibe I get from this place.
"hang" - Trading Room
The place is replete with Class Acts in every corner, nook and cranny. quickly becoming an investor's dream site, but with a family touch. Quite an accomplishment. Thanks to Avi and all staff. Well done folks.
"Handyman" - Trading Room
I signed up to this site last October for the amassed brainpower and analytical skill - my expectations have been surpassed. The sheer entertainment value though... is priceless! Thanks y'all!!
"L2K" - Trading Room
Not only are you really damn good at what you do, but it's the style that produces it: You test every one of your predictions and the logic for it, laying it out there for everybody to see whether it sinks or swims. You maintain your independence of mind, but are open to changing if the market shows differently. You apply the principles in adaptive creative ways, with multiple alternatives always in play and the market with the final word. It's incredible that you have an entire group of whip-smart analysts who, each in his/her own individual way, have these same qualities. Look, I've spent my life in high level scientific research, and damned if you guys don't think the same way as top level scientists. And, you don't let any of the great success give you a big head. You maintain your humor, poke fun, joke, encourage newcomers, and keep a judicious lid on posters who get carried away, while still encouraging them and bringing them back into the creative fold. Super atmosphere. Those things have also drawn an amazing set of highly experienced, really smart people to the site who aren't paid at all, but contribute another level of variety and insight. They love the camaraderie, and provide feedback, different views, ideas, and just plain fun. I toast you, and all those who make this site so remarkable!
"DoughH20" - Trading Room
you've assembled quite the crew here. Hats off to everyone on this site. Unbelievable amount of brainpower here.
"nchuabre" - Trading Room
I've never met a better group of talented people as well as people willing to share as I have on this site. Avi, you have put together an amazing community and everyone here is so lucky to have found it. I for one appreciate all that everyone here shares and would like to thank you.
"Gordy" - Trading Room
When an individual come into one's life with class, dignity and honesty, It's a joy to be associated with him and his organization of like character. I'm thankful for you and your organization sharing of genius.
"KodieDog" - Trading Room
Hey, just want to say how grateful I am for this site, for this community of traders, and for the amazing calls and analysis
"AcroNaut" - Trading Room
The greatest asset this site has is your honesty Mr.Gilburt....you put truth above all things ,money and prideful arrogance, most notably. ..your a fine gentlemen, and your group is of equal caliber....I truly appreciate the service provided , so thank you to all at EWTrader.....
"TSOL64" - Trading Room
becoming a member was my best financial decision this year! It is making me a much better trader and this is simply priceless.
"Maximus_AS" - Trading Room
so much wealth of insight and wisdom here on the site. Truly, I haven't found another like it.
"Preach" - Trading Room
I joined EWT back in late Summer 2013 and I remember early on Avi looking for an upper 20s USO target. So I used advanced search and came across this gem . Look at the monthly chart! Not trying to outdue Moshe and beat Avi's chest for him (heheheh)...but talk about price nailage! And then as it started to materialize, each week, Avi methodically takes in the new data, looks at his big picture chart and makes updates when applicable. What an exhibition. . . on top of that, he's surrounded himself with an amazing, generous team that has attracted a collection of members where a number provide outstanding insight and thoughts on their own. And probably the best of all...it's an education site so the team and a number of members are "teaching us how to fish.
"Giuseppe" - Trading Room
Avi, I have to say it too, one more time. Thank You. Your trading room was incredible . . . I know some will mock folks like me that apparently trip over themselves to thank and praise you. I truly am proud to do it so f,em. . . . No bias. No BS. Just business. It's not magic people. It's math. Yes there is risk in the interpretation but you obviously have been able to apply a proper scientific method which avoids the pitfalls of the emotions. That is a rare skill indeed. I congratulate you on your achievements and success.
"Sawdustmaker" - Seeking Alpha
Avi, Larry and staff and everyone here, THANK YOU for setting up a great group of people here from diverse backgrounds and from all walks of life with a great common objective. I have met some very outstanding people on this forum. It almost feels like a big family and I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and learn this craft called trading. There's nothing like it, it defies all odds.
"Mike1710" - Trading Room
This was my first week with the team and I cant thank Avi and staff enough! I've always followed Avi's posts, but trading with this team has been a completely different experience! All I can say is I should have done this much earlier this year!!
"Indio" - Trading Room
I’d like to wish EVERYONE at EWT a Happy (and SAFE!) Thanksgiving! The synthesis of information provided on this site… by Avi, who put EWT together and who relentlessly works to improve it for all our benefit…. to all his EXCELLENT staff, analyst and IT support BOTH…. And all the non-staff Pro’s who willingly share their educated opinions and views that are so helpful to many (and definitely me, particularly when they don’t agree I find! I LOVE having differing views based on various market indicators and data) to all the new and long-time members who ask questions, many of which I would not have thought of on my own but should have… makes EWT invaluable educational resource AND community. This year, I will certainly be thinking how thankful I am to have such a service, with great staff and members, available.
"Reaper" - Trading Room
Avi, you've created the best site there is in the midst of trying times, simply amazing
"RC" - Trading Room
I am grateful that I read Avi's article on Marketwatch which led me to this site. I owe so much to all the great people who post on this blog.
"LaCrosseBill" - Trading Room
I doubt there is another site where so many are so gifted and so open and generous with their advice.
"Scotsman" - Trading Room
New member here. Been soaking it in for a few months. I'm a relatively experienced investor, and moderately successful position trader. I look at technical charts to support my trades. Clueless when it comes to EW. What I like about this site: 1) the constant questioning from members and staff, and willingness to be wrong; 2) the trading discipline; 3) the strong sense of community; 4) the fact that since being here, I've become a better investor and a better trader. Considering that I've been investing and trading for 25 years, and it took EWT only 8 weeks to improve my performance, that's saying something.
"DoubleSS" - Trading Room
The sharing of information and ideas in this room is amazing!
"Gordy" - Trading Room
I have been following the trading room for several months. I now believe that almost without exception, the advice offered by staff and a core of subscribers is given with the best of intentions, and that they genuinely want to see others do well with their trades. This, I believe, is the most valuable characteristic of the service.
Jim S. - Victoria, Canada
Once you master this charting method, and want to introduce Avi's methodology of Elliott Wave ( he is the best ), then join his trading room and you then will be trading Gold with the success of the masters.
"Gelstretch" - Seeking Alpha
Love this site and members willingness to help others. Thanks again I owe you on the last round!
"MrG" - Trading Room
....I’m delighted, truly, by the distinguished, constructive, and "willing-to-help-out-others" - mentality and attitudes on this remarkable site. THANK YOU ALL WHOLEHARTEDLY. It is truly a pleasure.
"FlemishOne" - Trading Room
I am addicted to this site. First thing in the morning, I open EWT, during day time whenever I get to laptop, this is the first site I open. Just before going to Bed, this is the last site I closed. Keep up the good work Guys. Hats off to you, Avi and the Team.
"Docs" - Trading Room
I just wanted to say to Cow, Avi, Garrett, and the gang...THANK YOU!!! I just had the best day of my trading life today, and i owe it all to the entire crew here @EWT! Your timely updates and advice on entries, exits, stops, and risk management, as well as your willingness to TEACH your subscribers the intricacies of EW so that we can do for ourselves, is simply unparalleled! I thank all of you for your tireless efforts on our behalf, and I hope you will continue this site for many years to come!
"WorkerB" - Trading Room
One of the main reasons I like this site is because if allows for open and transparent communication. The architects of this site deserve a sincere round of applause. It is no accident that this site has attracted intelligent traders and the flow of useful information is never ending...this site is the best I have seen in terms of communication....Congrats
"CAIMAN" - Trading Room
You have helped open the last door that I just couldn't get through the past few years. I just didn't know how to make that last step to confirm what I was seeing. Thank you so much. This community here has finally allowed me to put what I see and believe into action with authority. And most importantly, to make sure that my family is taken care of for many years to come. You just don't know how deeply I appreciate this.
"Hawkeye" - Trading Room
Thanks so much for recording the Stock Talk from last night. I realize EWT is a business, but you've made it a place that's rare in today's anonymous (and sometimes callous) electronic world. A true community, and not just by name -- but with concerned guidance and association with so many traders of great character. And always Avi, with your intelligence and intervention to keep trading and emotions in check. Thanks for all of your work and caring.
Bill - Mississippi

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