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I have been investing and speculating in gold, gold stock and futures since 2003 and, whilst I am not a subscriber, Avi has been the most accurate analyst I have read by a long shot. This is through bull and bear, always qualifying his predictions as he is well aware that it is a probability game in the end. I've seen many, many analysts come and go who staked a bullish or bearish position, happened to fluke it, garnered large following and then lost everyone a lot of money when the tide turned. Avi is the real deal - bull or bear.
"Larry" - Goldseek
Thanks for the awesome call on GDX this week. Paid for a couple years on this site.
"Incline-JS" - Trading Room
Avi, you are unbelievable!! Almost like having a crystal ball.
"Knicpop" - Trading Room
New to Metals and Miners and I think this team's analysis is BY FAR the best of the best!
"Nicole" - Trading Room
Happy New Year! Made a bunch of cash this year shorting metals thanks to you and that genius Arkady.
"Freddie" - Trading Room
I have followed Avi's analysis for better than a year now. In 20+ years in the market I've never seen anyone even close to his timing and analysis with metals
"Mutsanah" - Trading Room
Hi Avi, just wanted to say thank you for teaching me EW. I've followed you for years and the pinball technique, picking up all i could from your free posts, but couldn't afford to join elliottwavetrader.net. With the rally in miners you called I finally now how a portfolio and the means to be a member of your awesome website. You've made a big difference in my life, thanks you for everything. Cheers!
"mgcorreia" - Trading Room
Avi and team, thanks for all the continued guidance. I've never felt so informed and prepared to trade. And with the metals market, that is saying A LOT. So thanks to ALL the EWT team for the hard work and kindness in sharing what you are seeing
"Franchise" - Trading Room
I am reminded frequently in situations like this past week (with the extreme volatility and divergences within the complex) that there is no way I could navigate, with any confidence, investing in the metals complex without Avi's work through EWT's service.
Scott J. - Douglasville, GA
Amazing how you had us buying at the lows again - thanks man
"UK459" - Trading Room
I joined this site only 3 months ago, since then I've never had such peace of mind in my position. I don't worry anymore.
"plumb" - Trading Room
No other analyst has predicted the PM market better than AVI.
"dcramer29" - SeekingAlpha
I have followed Avi for years on his website. I can honestly and wholeheartedly say, that for me, carefully reading his words in his forecasts, and responsibly looking at his charts, I have profited tremendously (stock investing) and expect to continue to do so indefinitely.
"ThetaEWTInvestor" - SeekingAlpha
I have been a reader of Avis´s EWT now for quite some time (unfortunately not long enough, to prevent me losing money from 2011 onwards), and as long as you have in mind, that what you get there most of the time are probability assumptions, this is one of the best places to be in all the thousands of letters and publications available on the market.
"Tuliptrader" - SeekingAlpha
I signed up with Avi's service last year. I wouldn't trade any other system or with any other group of analysts. No system is perfect but his is close enough!
"Innate" - SeekingAlpha
I have come to a conclusion that your accuracy in the gold market is unmatched and imo YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST.
"Anthony" - Trading Room
sooooo many thanks for your guidance. after reading so many false claims over the last five years ( losing so much money) it is so amazing not only to have your expertise but your honesty.
"Bundy" - Trading Room
Having Avi and EWT leading me in this metals market is like playing blackjack at the casino with Rainman at my side. I feel like I'm cheating...
"RedTailViper" - Trading Room
Avi is a Golden God. He has been spot on with his analysis. Made nice money bc of him.
"Crusher Creel" - SeekingAlpha
The multiple times per day emails I get from your service are really a comfort; they are more than reasonably accurate in terms of predictions of what will happen next...and have allowed me to profit from my investments in the metals without much worry. Thank you and your crew..
"thotdoc" - SeekingAlpha
Listen up everyone, if you want to make consistent money in the metals ETF's and PM miners sector, follow Avi's posts, or better yet, join his trading room at elliottwavetraders.net... is not a commercial, just a testimonial from a satisfied subscriber. Avi and his other analysts helped turn my portfolio around.....period
"DC West" - SeekingAlpha
Avi repeatedly demonstrated to be amongst the best on gold there are.
"yeti786" - SeekingAlpha
A True metals guru, the initials AG are icing on the cake.
"jlarzz" - SeekingAlpha
Avi is the golden wizard! His previous brilliant call was shorting crude from its top.
"Pegasus" - Trading Room
Excellent and phenomenal analysis Avi. Thanks. I can't emphasize more about that. Your write-up is more breathtaking than the wave 3 Silver we experienced last week. I'm becoming more and more amazed at your metals call and analysis before the potential metals bottom by the end of 2015, and the market has fulfilled your calls one after one
"Katz" - Trading Room
Avi is the best analyst in the gold space, at least for the past 5 years
"palait01" - SeekingAlpha
Trading fundamentally has only cost me. It has only been this past two years that I have stop trading the insanity of "fundamentals". Since joining your site in July I'm up 257%. Very pleased with your work and the site is worth every penny.
"cote62" - Trading Room
Perfect your b wave call two days before it happened (lol) has really helped my positions. As a matter of fact, to the penny the last 3+ months you have nailed each and every inflection point. Thanks
"MoQ" - Trading Room
Avi is the only gold/silver expert that I listen to and for very good reason. He called the top in 2011 and told his followers (while I was using his 14 day trial) to aggressively buy miners at the end of 2015.
"Aureuis" - SeekingAlpha
When it comes to gold, there is only one person worth listening @ElliottWaveTrader (http://stocktwits.com/ElliottWaveTrader) it is.
"Rock8Shining" - StockTwits
Thank you Avi, I have NEVER made money like this in the miners
"GG" - Trading Room
When it comes to Gold there is no correlation.. There's only Avi!
"BlueSkies" - Trading Room
Thanks for the article Avi! You're the only person worth following for gold/metals trading
"Jay Tautkus" - GoldEagle.com
I have seen an identical box in GLD since more than 3 years ago. While the possibility was always there for one more low--- isn't it always--- the BUY BUY BUY was extremely ballsy of a call more than 3 years ago. One of the most incredible calls I have ver seen. And while we are not completely out of the woods yet, while we were hitting that blue box several times over the past 6 months you clearly said --- cover your eyes, pinch your nose and hold your breathe and ..... BUY. Spectacular call even if oml was still a possibility.
"LB" - Trading Room
Thanks, Avi, on your great GDX charts made some serious cash on your calls.
"mjc" - Trading Room
Blue box has been bloody clear to me for years now since you first posted it. Everyone had oodles of time to think about getting long before it even hit
"TT" - Trading Room
I've got to say you've been Bang on on GDX so far Avi....even in the face of what seemed like mass consensus you've stuck to your guns and been right! Amazing stuff!!
"Jedi" - Trading Room
he has had a rather impressive record the last number of years, calling not only the top, but also how far he expected the market to fall (and this while it had yet to top)
The Santini Brothers - GOLDSEEK.com
Thank you Avi for your guidance. Before I joined your site a year ago I was as clueless as most. Would have expected gold to skyrocket on this news. Now I know better! Thanks for all you do!
"Raffaella" - Trading Room
Avi is selling his accuracy, which is the best in the world IMO when it comes to metals. Furthermore, I think regarding Avi's numerous articles on sentiment, and real manipulation, it is safe to say that we are all here because we got burned one too many times, and realized, that it's better to be a bull and or a bear, than to be a sheep.
"MoQ" - Trading Room
I love the metals market! My element to tracking market sentiment is this site. I would be lost without EWT. I have been a member here for almost a year and can't believe how much my awareness has grown. So very grateful for finding this community. Thank you Avi and team!
"BuccoFan" - Trading Room
As for Gold, I was always listening to other sites as why gold will explode for many many reasons!!!! Demand, war, economic collapse for the last 3 years +.... Lost a bunch of money listening to them (silver doctors, Bo Polny, Kingsworld news ETC). Now Avi in my opinion is SPOT ON HIS CALLS and appreciate his analysis. All this being said is from NOW on I will trade based on Avi's setup's!!! Avi IMO you’re the KING
"marty81274" - Trading Room
Avi Gilburt's calls on metals have been more precise than anyone I've come across since 2010 or so.
George Hayduke – Gold Eagle
Been trading for 35 years, only made money in metals following advice here.
"bonspiel" - Trading Room
Avi, you have truly got a talent. Great call yesterday (and throughout the last few years) telling us not to get rattled by the noise (small pullback) in metals. This site, and you, are amazing!!!
"BGood" - Trading Room
The metals team at Elliott wave trader are outstanding. I feel blessed just to have found this website. Thank you!
"Dave Kos" - Trading Room
This appeared today in Yahoo Finance: A Surprising Rally for Gold Miners ETFs, the most curious part is this: In yet another reminder that some traders consistently get it wrong with leveraged miners ETFs, Direxion data indicate NUGT and the Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 3x Shares (JNUG) have lost assets over the past month while the Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bear 3X Shares (DUST) and the Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bear 3X Shares (JDST) have seen inflows. But while this has been happening, we have been positioning on the long side during this last downturn occurred on Friday. This is a testament to this community, to Avi, Ark, Larry... I feel proud of being here, this site is awesome.
"Neguev01" - Trading Room
Your Miners' call last November was simply amazing.
"Sweetwater" - Trading Room
Miners have been a challenge, don't know if in another place in da world you can find more dedicated and talented work than here, capable of trading this with such accuracy
"Neguev01" - Trading Room
WHO is the master of the metals-universe?! Check Avi's WE update please!
"Peter" - Trading Room
Larry, I personally appreciate the individual attention you give to each of the members of your group .... you leave no stone unturned...
"Banet" - Trading Room
Avi, Larry You guys are unbelievable! I have been trading for4 years now, but never had so much success. In just2 month I have turn 200K into 800K. What more could a trader want?
"Kamran" - Trading Room
Thank you Larry for all the informative advise as we go along thru-out the day! I'm new and I enjoy this T Rm very much. Best I've ever used in over 20 yrs of trading of the markets.
"HeavyMetal" - Trading Room
Larry. I have to give you a big "THANK YOU", I have traded 3x ETF for 3 yrs. I have never seen anyone could trade so well. You are the man.!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much!!!!!
"Jerry" - Trading Room
On Nov. 14, 2014, my first day as a video subscriber, Avi described a bullish trade on GDX. Eager to get involved, I was trading as soon as I could. That day, I was the low and 3 cents from the high on 140 GDX calls, got most of the good of 5,000 shares of NUGT, traded 1,000 of USLV and a boatload of SLV options, all for an unfathomable (to me) profit.
"ronnier" - Trading Room
you've gotta be the most accurate gold analyst in the world.
"DaveKos" - Trading Room
For the first time i feel more confident and less afraid of the stockmarket and its due to the fact that i have a road map ahead of me and a navigator showing me the way. I tried Larry's (JDST) trade the other day and made 20000 in 3 hours - now thats what i call a service.
Brian M. - Ireland
There were 2 things besides the blue box targets I listened for at the bottom. Avi says his "final short term hedges off" as he gave notice at the 3rd bottom now (6-13, 12-13 and recent) within a day of best buy opportunity each time, uncanny!
"GG" - Trading Room
Avi-Gotta say man, you absolutely nailed the metals/miners big picture
"Hawkeye" - Trading Room
You nailed it as always, you are the master of metals.
"rolo" - Trading Room

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