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Thanks Team - Return to date - all due to the team here. Avi, HD, Scooby etc...... AWESOME TEAM OF ANALYSTS. Rate of Return*** AS OF 04/30/2018 +27.93%
"Reegs" - Trading Room
I saw a 20% gain in my 401k! This was due to following advice here and not worrying about the "news". Rule of thumb, put your blinders on, read the analysts and have an entrance and exit strategy.
"Fastwaves" - Trading Room
Hello Everyone, wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone one for the great year. Finished the year with 26.68% growth in my 401k. One move a month. Swing traded pretty effectively.
"Howxotk" - Trading Room
Hi Avi, I just wanted to let you know that I have been a very happy member of your services for the past 5 years. During that time I have tripled my portfolio... Over the years, I have subscribed to many trader and investment services. Most of which are a complete waste of time and money. The insightful analysis you provide, the team you have put together and the training on Elliot Waves, is the best in the industry. There is nothing like it... To you and your team, thanks for making my retirement years what I have always wanted. :)
"GoldenBull" - Trading Room
Avi. I'm new to the service this month and I've made enough already to pay for several more years of it... you mean it will get easier?!. You guys kill it.. and you're humble too. Thanks for your commitment.
"KBenzTX" - Trading Room
I've tripled my account since Nov last year and it's not a small account (few hundred thousand dollar account) trading mostly index, gold and bond futures . . I was one of the worse traders and the EW staff here knocked on my head for months to CHANGE. It didn't have to be so hard but I'm stubborn by nature
"EdNJ" - Trading Room
You and the team do a fantastic job. . . my percentage gain this calendar year is way better than how I was doing before. I just wish I'd found you guys sooner
"Cuz2001" - Trading Room
I love this service and have already made more money than with the other investment advisory firms I have used in the past, where I lost significant amounts of money (for me).
"pettib6" - Trading Room
ElliotWaveTraders Want to take a moment to thank Avi and everyone here. I have been a lurker throughout the last three years. My one 401K swing trade each month has become so effective. . . Personal Investment Performance(PIP) for previous 12 months ending 01/31/2017 is 22.03%.
"Howxotk" - Trading Room
I'm going on 3 years as a member since following on SA. With yesterday's close my wife's and my accounts are at all time highs, even after living expenses front he 3 years taken out!
"FredtheNav" - Trading Room
I want to thank all the analysts here for their great work. Watching my account balances is fun now as even on down market days, my accounts are bright green almost every time. Thank you for all you do.
"brewstate" - Trading Room
Thanks to EWT, my account (and it's pretty large) is up 100% since election night
"EdNJ" - Trading Room
I made over 65% on a large 6 figure portfolio in 2016, largely thanks to what I've learned here ...
"DesertDweller" - Trading Room
wow what a week at the EWT Academy! ive more than doubled my account without a single position being over 2% weighting! hitting singles and doubles till you press those winners for a homerun really has worked for me. cant thank the analysts on this site
"brooklyntrader" - Trading Room
Following this site has resulted in better performance in my 401k account.
"Mahesh" - Trading Room
A word from a clueless physician who knows - nothing - about trading. Following the miner counts, I've taken my accounts from 180k to 340 in 6 months. - and if I would've PROPERLY listened to the bottom BUY BUY BUY box, I would be over 500k easily.
"Yukon_Cornelius" - Trading Room
Being so damn sure about that big low late last year in the miners with Avi's famous 'buy buy buy' blue box, I made over $700k on NUGT through June.
"Antigua" - Trading Room
I broke 100% on my account yesterday thanks to YOU
"TeeKay" - Trading Room
Just a thank you shout out to Avi and the whole EWT crew. The past 8 weeks has been a tough period to trade. However, thanks to the awesome service and charts here, I was able to lock in the points in ES/SPX that made my trading portion of my account go up to +98.26% now. This is pure net profit after fees and expenses and I am not trying to brag. You guys and gals all really deserve a big pat on the back and recognition for the unmatchable talent assembled here! I could not have done it without you all, no way. Thank you all so very much again!
"Remi" - Trading Room
big thanks to you and team especially Xenia, I banked 90 points up on TF my best trade ever. Love your work :)
"KiwiLad" - Trading Room
Using your advice I am up over 2 million
"BigMoney" - Trading Room
Rejoined EWT last Thursday : up nearly 10 % since then ( in 4 trading days, incredible ! )
"parsifal23" - Trading Room
67% up on my trading account since joining EWT. Thank you Avi n team.
"TeeKay" - Trading Room
To anyone not in the Miner Stocks group - (I'm not a trader by any means) - Sold IAG yest. for a double (and today it dropped 10%), - rotated all of that to the GSV chart and today up another 30% on GSV's wave 3 start. Joining the Miner's group has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Imagine what you could do if you know a thing or two about this
"Yukon_Cornelius" - Trading Room
NICE -- new high for my metals portfolio -- I am up 2.6X year to date -- many thanks to Avi and the capable staff here!
"JeryHenry" - Trading Room
Avi your blue boxes are better than Tiffany's.
"ElliotHuevos" - Trading Room
Good Morning! Whatever may come in the days and weeks to follow, Avi and his brilliant team have well prepared us all. I have been following Avi since he wrote his first article for Seeking Alpha many years ago as have others in our EWT family. I looked forward to his weekly article; part of my early "Sunday morning with coffee" routine. His guidance, October of 2011, easily saved me 7 figures and gave me confidence to short silver with DSLV and ride it all the way down.....with a little north of 400% realized gains on a large position. Once again, Avi and Team EWT set me up for a 5 bagger this year in our combined list of Mining Stocks and USLV, beginning aggressively in January. Avi's team keeps us all extremely well informed and he has carefully selected the very best professionals in this exceptional service. To our new members that have joined recently, welcome! Rest assured that whether this space moves up or down; you are in great hands with Team EWT
"Auggie" - Trading Room
Thanks to Avi, Garrett and Zac. My net profit (gain minus loss) is 42k this month. Only Avi can help me to achieve this performance, no other analysts in this world can. I invest less than 100k.
"howell" - Trading Room
Just wanted to thank you Avi while I'm reading a thread you're on. Following your blue boxes and the miners, you've helped me take my accounts up 80% so far this year. Thank you sir.
"Yukon_Cornelius" - Trading Room
I was paid pretty well before I retired from FB, I have only been with the site for a few months, and I have made close to my annual salary (so far) this quarter. Thank you Avi and team!
"TonyTiger" - Trading Room
complete no nothing rookies like my wife and I have taken our investing accounts from $200k to $416k over the past few months from "following the blue boxes on a - whole bunch - of (mostly silver) and gold miners!
"Yukon_Cornelius" - Trading Room
Up 130% since joining 6 weeks ago. With appropriate position management. Thank you Sir!
"TAlto" - Trading Room
Want to say a very special thanks to all the staff and contributors today. I'm a 32 year old whose been investing online since I turned 11. The past 6 months have yielded the best trading & investing results of my life. The high probability setups with clear low risk stops have meant about 150K in gains for me this year despite the S&P essentially operating within +/- 2% of its 6 month mean. Avi, your website is the best value I've ever encountered. Thanks for providing analysis that has essentially paid off my condo with about 3-4 hours of reading / research / and cuing up orders per week.
"Lucky" - Trading Room
I can't say enough about you Avi and the crew you have here!! I closed all my positions for the week with a 35k profit and sit at another all time high! THIS PLACE ROCKS!!
"Bobo" - Trading Room
Avi, u r the god, no option trading, I made 11k profit this week off miner.
"howell" - Trading Room
Thank you Avi! Because of you I have doubled my money and can sleep at night.
"DrillandFill" - Trading Room
I made over 300k off of Mike G's vxx charts last year......started with 17k
"Kenneth_Aydt" - Trading Room
Um, guys? My 401k has DOUBLED since January low in gold/miners. THANK YOU, AVI, and EWT staff !!!!
"AcroNaut" - Trading Room
Thank you to all EWT analysts, I have been green on daily basis past 15 days. I couldn't do it without great analysis on this site. It is like every dollar well spent for their services.
"Ali" - Trading Room
I have to say that with Zac and Garret's guidance, my account has gone crazy...Needless to say, I am one very happy Stockwaves subscriber. They make it very easy for a 'part-timer' to trade. I would highly recommend joining Stockwaves if you haven't already.
"Climber" - Trading Room
Thanks Avi, up 80% this year thanks to you and your staff. Learning slowly and being patient.
"bonspiel" - Trading Room
April 11, 2016... I became a millionaire... and we are just getting started. Avi, you rock!
"RedTailViper" - Trading Room
Just did the math... I'm up 171% YTD. Wow! You guys are the best!!!
"AKSkier" - Trading Room
Avi your conservative perspective has changed everything for me in regards to my trading habits. Instead of trying to make things happen, I wait for the trades and set ups." "I had my best month ever with a 27% return and I sit at an all time high in capital. Thanks, you guys are the best!!
"Bobo" - Trading Room
Best return I ever had before was about 10% in a year. Since joining this site, I'm up 30+% just for Jan and Feb of this year.
"doccharlie" - Trading Room
When I pay attention and read properly, all this site does is make me money. Been enjoying the ride . This year my account is up over 30 % .
"bonspiel" - Trading Room
Avi. I have been a member for about 15 months, and I've watched and studied your analysis so that I would be able to do this on my own. Since the beginning of 2016, I have closed more trades that made me over 240% more than I made the entire year last year!!! All due to a refined strategy using EW analysis. A big thank you to you and your excellent team!! You guys are incredibly patient with people like me, and I'm grateful.
"ScottyA" - Trading Room
made $8,309 today. Thanks Avi! I wish I subscribe to your service a lot a lot earlier!!!
"howell" - Trading Room
Walking out of this week having breached a new net worth number
"AcroNaut" - Trading Room
For fun I decided to click on the performance tab in one of my accounts to see the results from the day I joined EWT . . yes, I am up 1399%. . . This is solely to show you how, when properly used, the information here is a GOLD MINE!
"ASOT" - Trading Room
I have been a member of this site since January 2013 . . . Before I joined I was consistently losing money in the markets. Currently I make more than my annual subscriptions each week and often in a single day. I have learned how to do that here.
"MikeR" - Trading Room
Congratulations to Avi, Rich, and the entire EWT staff!! I've been here for a little over 2 years and can't begin to tell you how much I've learned and how much of a better trader I've become. I'm now able to make a living as a professional trader due in large part to this site. Thank you all!!
"Fred_Garvin" - Trading Room
you are the best Avi, I just realized 5k profit since 1/4 by following your wave counts.
"howell" - Trading Room
When I first subscribed to EWT late last year I knew less than nothing. I would like to think that I have worked my way up to now just knowing nothing. I just ran my asset report for the month of August...twice. Result--+26.48%. I wanted to express my extreme gratitude to all of the amazing staff and the gold mine of subscribers here at EWT. You taught me to trade less, focus more. If you can learn this old redneck you can learn anyone.
"terptactic" - Trading Room
Paid for my yearly subscription plus with a relatively small position in less than a week. Amazing! Best decision I made joining this site. Keep up the good work
"Priam" - Trading Room
I want to take this time to be super sentimental and just thank all the analysts and Avi for bringing you all together. I have had the 6 months performance of my 'career'. While I've kept my old entry rules I've used the patterns to keep my head focused on the big opportunities and aware of good points to exit.
"rwilday" - Trading Room
EWT and Victor's service and futures trading with appropriate risk management has supercharged my returns
"CW" - Trading Room
Hello all. I'd like to share something now that it is after-hours. Certainly since the first time I've kept track and most likely for the first time since I've been feeding dollars into the market (more years than I care to admit at the moment) the YTD returns in all of my accounts (trading and retirement) are greater than my benchmark of choice: Russell 2000. This is due in no small part to Avi for his skill at EWT and creativity in creating such a site, Xenia for her excellent coverage of RUT/TF/Options and the community at large for all of their generous and above-and-beyond contributions. Thank you. I'd just like to encourage you that it is indeed possible to learn the skills to trade profitably. By being a member here, you've increased your odds greatly compared to going it alone.
"whip" - Trading Room
Avi I just wanted to give you my deepest sense of gratitude for your site and its amazing insight in the financial markets. Even someone like myself that didn't have any analysis back round was able to return a total account value of over 47% this week. If someone like myself can do it anyone can.
"Aquaman" - Trading Room
Since I started with you 2 years ago, my investment balance (long term plus trading) has increased 35%. My trading account this year has increased about 33% alone. . . I know for 100% fact, without you and your team and services, I would NEVER be in this situation… You have changed my life and my family’s life for the positive in a way that I could never have imagined.
"Giuseppe" - Trading Room

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