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I honestly don't know how anyone loses money on this site. You guys have the closest thing to a crystal ball I've ever seen.
"joneil" - Trading Room
Congratulations Avi for getting the market entirely right again this year! I am all converted to the Elliot wave theory now and your application of it is terrific :)
Quentin de Bottini
I've only been here a short while but I've been flabbergasted by how accurate the calls are. Honestly, it’s made me rethink how the world works, which is scary at my age.
"brewstate" - Trading Room
I spent most of my free trial time going through all of the year's analysis/webinars and comparing the projections to later market action. I was very impressed that this site maintains a huge amount of historical "calls" which speaks to transparency and equally impressed with the results of the analysis. I feel fortunate to be a subscriber
"JerryColorado" - Trading Room
2 trades on the day gave me +37 thanks to Avi!
"Traderface" - Trading Room
Your work has been great – I am up 89% this year. If I wasn't following you I would be losing money as I would have been following the crowd.
"Cote62" - Trading Room
Helluva week indeed, . . increased my trading account nearly 75% these last 2 weeks... banked half of gains already.
"ElToroOro" - Trading Room
I have been on the site for a year now, but spent the first 8 months just learning, eventually joining the room and at first being overwhelmed by the virtuosity and knowledge. But I have learned and started trading every week in December. Since then I have made money every week . . . and my wins have exceeded my losses by a margin of 10-1. I couldn't have done it without the community effort of everyone in this room. Avi, you have created a masterpiece.
"doccharlie" - Trading Room
Anybody can rationalize things after the fact, but you're in the middle of the action and calling most of the moves with uncanny precision. Very impressive, even eerie.
"DougH2O" - Trading Room
i like the way Avi nails the tops and bottoms. This is what accuracy is! And why i am here too.
"selespeed" - Trading Room
It's uncanny how accurate your price targets/levels are.
"davidshelton" - Seeking Alpha
I signed up for a trial subscription at his site . . . and I've been frequently astounded by the accuracy, particularly the moment to moment stuff that comes through in the intra-day updates.
"Stephenrs" - Seeking Alpha
your calls turn out to be "dead nuts" accurate.
"Buritcus" - Seeking Alpha
The analysts here are right about 70% of the time, and that is pretty amazing! WHERE could you find better??
"Charlotte" - Trading Room
Avi has demonstrated a high level of accuracy in his reports . . .
"Redrummd" - Seeking Alpha
If you are a trader looking to profit from the daily movement of equities, though, avi is among the best! I have been following avi for almost a year, and I have a slight difference of opinion on the long term graph of gold, but his calls on daily, weekly, and monthly movement of gold have been around 80 percent accurate, or more.
"Dbest" - Seeking Alpha
I have to say that your calls of the major turns in PM's end June, Aug, Dec, and again the recent turn have been truly amazing moneymakers.
"GG" - Trading Room
It is extremely well documented over the course of 2012 that Avi's analysis is nearer to 80%% correct. This is a provable fact. Personally I am a 100%% fundamentalist giving little, if any, credence to technical analysis. But I do my homework, read Avi's findings and can only tip my hat to it's uncanny ability to track current trends.
Gary Strand - MarketWatch
I was able to cut and paste and then print all the posts this am (11/7/13) from Avi and the key members of the EWT/Fib team so far this morning. I wanted to see how accurate they are in this volatile, fast-moving market. They have accurately described for us the twists and turns in the dynamic market today, and have done it in real time. Amazing! . My hat's off to each of these masters but particularly congratulate Avi, the Master Jedi.
"Ziott" - Trading Room
Time to review your Big Picture post of January especially 1st quarter. It is all playing out as predicted. Your EW analysis is frightening. Makes every other analyst look as if they are playing pin the tail on the donkey.
"Leagle" - Trading Room
When you go back and look at Avi's weekend charts ...and look at where we are at any point during the week, we continue to track Avi's forecasts (and I'm talking his primary count) over 90% of the time! Let me repeat that...I didn't say 90%, I said OVER 90% of the time.
"QuickRick" - Trading Room
Avi, I have to say that your accuracy has been spectacular on this move. I caught the A, the B, and most of this C [took profits at close]. Never in my wildest dreams could I have thought EW trading could be this spot on, or I could be having this much fun with it!
"MNIronMan" - Trading Room
Avi has an incredible grasp of this technique which goes beyond personal skill but delves into intuition. Anyone who does not heed his forecasts is nuts!
"Newcal" - Trading Room
Avi you constantly amaze me with your precision without biased emotion or unbalanced conviction. I don't think I've ever seen anyone epitomize the action of an "open mind" better than you have at each turn no matter how puzzling. As a new trader here I have learned more about general composure in the face of what seemed at times chaos in the thoughts and actions of traders in the marketplace. . . Just wanted to thank you for fostering this great place where so many great teachers remain students. . .
"Maestro" - Trading Room
Just went thru the weekend update pretty amazing stuff, cant believe this elliott wave stuff is so accurate. You hit the nail on the head with the blue box count for the dollar and now its next move is higher.
"JetGun" - Trading Room
Avi, this is some AMAZING E-Wave work and FIB work off the lows from this year. You are killing it!!! Just wanted to say how appreciative I am of this masterful work.
"Boston" - Trading Room
I hope everyone in here knows how lucky we are to have Avi. To make these calls he does in beyond amazing! He knows more about market direction than I have ever seen. Making money off him once you understand better is like taking candy from a baby.
"Bamabroker" - Trading Room
Just wanted to give a proper shout out to Avi and all our analysts. You guys have been accurate in a very tough environment where most people are wrong.
"DaFinga" - Trading Room

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