Testimonials About The Education and Guidance At EWT

Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to all the analysts on this site. I became interested in Elliott Wave theory years ago and subscribed to Prechter's service until recently. I never was able to get ahead during that time. It always seemed that the end was near and the top was right around the corner. I became a permabear by reading their analysis. To be fair, they kept me out during the 2000-2002 and 2007-2009 debacles, but I kept missing out on the subsequent rallies. Fast forward to late last year when I found this site. The analysis is top notch without apparent bull or bear bias. Slowly I am shedding my permabear suit and in the process I have made back my previous 2 years of losses. The education in other areas such as risk management and hedging has been invaluable.
"ManWith3Buttocks" - Trading Room2016-06-26
I think I speak for a lot of the folks on here that we're pretty amazed at how you call it. For me, it has been a huge education watching this unfold for the last two years with you and your stalwart analysts calling the shots. A toast to you all!
"DougH2O" - Trading Room2016-07-07
I'm putting myself through EW school through this site! I've had a rocky road starting off as a trader/market enthusiast. I have finally found a proven method I can work for myself and a site where I can get help from members and analysts alike! The cost of my subscription is already paying off BIG time and is probably more valuable than many University courses that are way way over priced!!!!!
"bullhammer" - Trading Room2016-07-04
Thank you, especially to Avi and Garett, for their patience and tutelage . . . . You guys are true life changers!
"Ransom" - Trading Room2016-06-11
EWT has helped me moved from average single hits to consistent doubles and many triples – plus a couple of homeruns already this year. Here’s to the EWT coaches out there – this trainee (old trader but I like learning new tricks) greatly appreciates it.
"GeoV" - Trading Room2016-06-15
Avi, even if God spoke to me in the night, would still only be acting on your words!!!! Just a shame it took so long to figure this out, cheers
"Peaky_Blinder" - Trading Room2015-07-24
I think this site generates more useful content than Seeking Alpha.
"Neguev01" - Trading Room2015-04-13
Congratulations Avi and crew. This is truly a wonderful achievement. Not only does your enterprise provide a stunning breadth and depth of analysis but a commitment to education and low bar required for being a member. There is something here for a broad range of people and that is a testament to your ability to grow into a premier site. At the same time, by holding your cost the same for all these years, you set the bar low for entry to newbies like myself that manage only small accounts relatively speaking. This gives many a people a chance at personal growth and success that they may not have otherwise which speaks to your character of genuine concern and generosity of spirit.
"whip" - Trading Room2015-08-30
That library is worth the price of admission
"RANGO" - Trading Room2015-11-03
I have been a member since Sep 2012. I truly appreciate the excellent guidance provided over the years but more than that it is a forum for continuous learning with contributions from other analysts all over the world. I have since discarded much of what I have learned about the markets from my Chicago MBA. Your analysis has helped keep me calmer during turbulent markets and uncertain periods. My investment decisions continues to improve as your site continues to grow. I am not an analyst but have been a CFO of a NASDAQ listed company who is preparing for retirement.
"LYT" - Trading Room2015-08-30
This real world example is about as textbook as it gets and hopefully this demonstrates the power integrating fib pinball into Elliott Wave analysis. This tool really takes so much guesswork out of using Elliott Wave analysis. If you haven't learned Fib Pinball yet it should be on the top of your to-do list....
"MikeG" - Trading Room2015-06-10
EWT makes everything so clear! I was sooo blind until 2 years ago ,before I 'found' EWT. Now I simply 'know' what is going to happen, and why! NEVER had that feeling before...
"Peter" - Trading Room2015-07-19
I'm making good trades on things I don't normally trade. EW is actually is a lot easier than trying to follow news, FA, bla bla bla. It's baked in, just wait for a setup and set an intelligent stop. I actually have more time to spend doing other things. At least that's how I see it.
"SirCharles" - Trading Room2015-07-15
learned here more in 6 weeks than in 9 months before that in a "waste-of-time-trading-room", thanks again for speeding up my learning-curve
"parsifal23" - Trading Room2015-07-21
Thanks Avi for writing this. I took a hit early on listening to the inflation/deflation sides. Luckily, since I joined this site, I have now seen the light and done much better. Thanks for the knowledge and enlightenment at EWT!
"Remi" - Trading Room2015-06-14
This was the hardest thing for me to understand (how the market defied common logic) until I started listening to Avi...
"Dawg_fan" - Trading Room2015-06-18
dollar and china two of the best calls on EWT in last 12 months
"Liberty" - Trading Room2015-04-17
Thanks, Avi. Still loving the site and the analysis. Trading has never been so fun or profitable
"AcroNaut" - Trading Room2015-01-27
this site offers the best advice
"Mitten" - Trading Room2015-03-18
Avi I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how wonderful your site and all the EW technicians that you have enrolled. I just completed my first month with you and I have to say I'm obsessed with trying to learn this analysis. I have not seen this type of sharing and knowledge powered individuals in the financial arena anywhere.
"Aquaman" - Trading Room2015-01-31
Really appreciate your sense of the market psychology going on. Fascinating. And I know I'd be one of them without the opportunity of your perspective. So thank you very much. And thanks for setting up Larry - he's a wonder. And the same goes for the entire site - you've found and also attracted a totally remarkable group of people. I learn a huge amount every day. Really exciting and fun, instead of terrifying!
"DougH2O" - Trading Room2015-03-15
Just wanted to stress how Avi was so right all this time. Masterpiece of trader,he added in the place a investor would have, without blinking.
"Neguev01" - Trading Room2015-01-24
I am so thankful that I learned of this site and Avi via MarketWatch a few weeks ago. Good stuff and very helpful to a new guy like me. It's like I can't learn enough!
"Skmcobra" - Trading Room2014-12-01
Honestly, I'm a happy man I joined EWT a few years ago...Now I finally know what's going on in the markets. THX!
"Peter" - Trading Room2014-11-02
Sign up for {Avi's Live} videos - it will make a huge difference for your trading.
"Swingtrader" - Trading Room2014-10-30
I am a new member and am amazed and humbled by the depth of knowledge from all here. I am thankful I found an awesome community and feel like I can finally learn some things about trading
"Sparty" - Trading Room2014-11-12
My recommendation to new people on this site is PLEASE take advantage of the wealth of resources available (webinars, beginner blog, countless charts, helpful staff, etc) You will be amazed how much you can learn and how much confidence you will gain in EW with a bit of application...
"Trey" - Trading Room2014-07-25
Just as a reminder to all of us trying to learn EW trading... Be sure to check out all of the resources under "Beginner's Blog" --> "Categories". The stuff there is amazing. I've been using it for the past couple of months to learn EW and have to say it is . . . a GREAT resource if you are truly dedicated to learning how this stuff is supposed to work. Steve is great at responding to questions as well.
"MonkeyDarts" - Trading Room2014-04-17
Avi, Thank you so much for founding this site and running it with such diligence and integrity; I have done well and could not have found a better site!!
"Charlotte" - Trading Room2014-02-16
Thanks so much for your updates on marketwatch.com. They are so helpful, and really the best insight into having the correct approach to market psychology that I have ever seen!
"Beejal Patel" - MarketWatch2014-02-10