What Members Say About The EWT Team

“I have optimizer and is a must-have for me to know the cheapest, optimal gain and implied volatility to consider before trading. Extensive video tutorials also. Leo is very knowledgeable but down-to-earth, -takes time to answer questions both simple and complex.”
"StoneEzel" - Trading Room2018-03-08
“I literally have a 100% win rate as a new member this earnings season. Greatly appreciated!”
"Maher" - Trading Room2018-08-01
“I think this is one of a kind honestly. You have a larger TA staff than any I've seen and they are amazing.”
"JayTrader" - Trading Room2018-01-10
“Folks I wanted to share with you the great guidance we’re receiving in the crypto currency room. With a portfolio of 10 coins I am up 60% the last 5 days and 220% since inception. Thanks Ryan and crypto team!”
"AngelG" - Trading Room2017-12-04
“Ryan: Just wanted to say what an awesome job you do. I joined your service not even understanding what a crypto was and now my minimal investment is up 600%”
"ManWith3Buttocks" - Trading Room2018-01-04
“Honestly don't know how they do it! Stockwaves is my bread and butter here, and that's only catching maybe 10% of the charts they throw out! I had 7 -10x+ trades with SW last year, and dozens more that were "slackers" (LOL) with "only" 3-4-5x returns. Amazing!”
"Nicole" - Trading Room2018-01-08
“ don't usually make comments, but got to say all the Analysts and services offered are first rate!”
"TrojanAlum" - Trading Room2018-01-10
“Avi, your analysis and that of the other analysts has been STELLAR . . . I feel for those who trade without this site ”
"LloydXmas" - Trading Room2017-08-09
“Ryan truly has a finger on the pulse of the crypto currency market. His thoughts and recommendations reveal a truly unique talent that can benefit anyone remotely interested in this crazy fast-paced 24/7 market. Can’t recommend anyone higher for cryptocurrency analysis.”
"godzuki" - Trading Room2017-11-22
“Avi has the best team in this industry. I'm meeting someone this evening who wants to learn how to trade. I'm going to teach him the basics, but suggest he join Avi's site and work with the best. You all kill it as far as I'm concerned. In sports, it's called teamwork and you all are one awesome team of professionals.”
"JDK75" - Trading Room2017-08-19
“Garrett and Zac had an unbelievable week in their analysis of earnings in the Stock Waves room going 126 for 156.. that's 126 called correctly verses 30 that were not .....that equates to a 80% win rate ...included in that analysis were some huge percentage wins .....TWTR-13.08%, ...CELG-19.19%,,,, TAL- 15.26%.......AMD- 13%,,,,, CMG- 14.6%......ACHC- 28.32%.......ALK.....11.6%........EXPE- 17.1%...these are just a few of the bigger wins ...... what are you waiting for .... join SW”
"905mercur(Barry)" - Trading Room2017-10-27
“Unbelievable day. i made 6 figures today. thanks to u Mike. wow, wow, wow. single biggest day of my 7 year trading career. nuts.”
"Shabby " - Trading Room2017-08-10
“Few more great trades from the VXX room closing out at almost 300% Mike G is the man never seen anyone better trading VXX.”
"Knicpop" - Trading Room2017-08-10
“Combination of Luke's Bayesian signals, Victor's Quant signals, MikeG's insane volatility signals, and Avi, Zac and Garrett's constant market updates ... and the invaluable input from all other members = printing money at every turn of the market! Thank you all. I'm very grateful. ”
"Shabby" - Trading Room2017-08-14
“The guidance, analysis and advice from this team and community has no equal.”
"ScottyA" - Trading Room2016-11-18
“I haven't see a better collection of analysts under one roof anywhere”
"TT" - Trading Room2016-11-13
“Big Thumbs up to all the EWT family! A big thank you for all your contributions. This week completed my 1st 6 months trading for a living and turned 50. Still making too many mistakes ( Overtrading, keeping losers and worst pressing on them...) That being said, account is up 48.5% accrued of monthly withdrawals. Second half of year will do better... For anybody out there thinking about it ( trading for a living), all I can say is use all the wealth of information here and form your own analysis; But most importantly don't try it, just do It!”
"TeleDaddy" - Trading Room2016-08-19
“Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to all the analysts on this site. I became interested in Elliott Wave theory years ago and subscribed to Prechter's service until recently. I never was able to get ahead during that time. It always seemed that the end was near and the top was right around the corner. I became a permabear by reading their analysis. To be fair, they kept me out during the 2000-2002 and 2007-2009 debacles, but I kept missing out on the subsequent rallies. Fast forward to late last year when I found this site. The analysis is top notch without apparent bull or bear bias. Slowly I am shedding my permabear suit and in the process I have made back my previous 2 years of losses. The education in other areas such as risk management and hedging has been invaluable.”
"ManWith3Buttocks" - Trading Room2016-06-26
“This has got to be the most talented group of really sophisticated traders of any site.”
"Sacred618" - Trading Room2016-07-18
“The team always provides exceptional value and the community is great. The currency pairing posts in the main room this week are a great example. Historic events and the team provides valuable insight to all members because of the unusual circumstances. Things like that demonstrate a concern for members that is sadly no longer commonplace in business.”
"BoatBum" - Trading Room2016-06-25
“It has been breath taking to have followed your guidance over the last 3 years. Still amazes me to see EW work out with you and staff manning the helm as it is operator dependent.”
"GG" - Trading Room2016-07-08
“I cannot believe how accurate EWT is PERIOD...time and time again a chart is published and price follows through so nicely...amazing...great job on metals Avi and Ark and HD and Garret and Zac and team”
"Cactus_wave" - Trading Room2016-07-08
“I can't tell you how much you have changed my perspective on how markets work over this past year. I will make the most money I have ever made this year in my long term accounts and that is specifically from you opening my eyes about things. Many thanks to you and your team.”
"t0030tr" - Trading Room2016-07-09
“Thank you Avi. Your business development, featured analyst, and IT teams have done an awesome job in managing needs for 3000 plus users. Value being offered to the customer base is phenomenal. It is a life changing experience for most. Kudos for building an extraordinary organization.”
"UK459" - Trading Room2016-06-25
“Just wanted to say Avi. Though I am constantly learning and evolving, this site, your team and the members here have allowed me to come a long way to at least have a more fighting chance when swimming in the markets. I am thankful for the education and guidance here of your team and the members. For me it helps to keep me growing and give me the best edge and tools for my own success which is untimely up to me. Thank you”
"Livingthedream" - Trading Room2016-07-01
“You are the best and have the best team of Ellioticians on earth”
"Geroldd" - Trading Room2016-07-03
“Super job team - such an amazing service you launched re miner portfolio and the support is awesome....every day.... but also have to mention the webinars - seriously brill level of attention, analysis and sharing...”
"Gapman" - Trading Room2016-08-23
“You and the team are something else. The very best on this planet.”
"Zen" - Trading Room2016-05-13
“Worlds best analysts you will find in this room”
"AKKI" - Trading Room2016-06-21
“Cycle work and relying on only one indicator can be hazardous to one's trading account, IMHO. Have tried many sites, pundits, and analysts since 1998. Nothing comes close to the depth, quality and accuracy offered by the analysts and certain members on this site.”
"UK459" - Trading Room2016-06-05