What People Say About Our "Fib Pinball" Method Of EW

“Avi, you provided us the best tool to trade. Fib Pinball ! Honestly I do not look at anything else other than the Fib Pinball. I am a day trader and follow the FPB. I only stopped out once out of 10 trades today. Everyday is a winning day”
"KhanCTA" - Trading Room2016-03-23
“I really advise learning fib pinball to the best of your ability. My returns have gone up and up as I get better and better at it.”
"Rwilday" - Trading Room2016-05-09
“Fibonacci Pinball is one of the most profound discoveries in EW analysis, as well as one of the most useful practical tools. . . there is simply no better system of applying EW analysis, period. It is that good. There is no sentient life form or computer software that could explain this chart pattern without using Avi’s Fibonacci Pinball!”
"RoyPrasad" - Trading Room2014-08-24
“Avi - Your Fib Pinball is the single most useful addition the the Elliott Wave lexicon that I have come across. It really sets you apart.”
"MattCatt" - Trading Room2015-02-22
“I will say for a fact that EWT with Fibonacci can map out the way up or down through these waves more precise then anything on earth.”
"lastchance" - Trading Room2015-03-31
“the Fibonacci Pinball method used by Avi is a "winner", and it also is amazingly accurate.”
"Gelstretch" - Seeking Alpha2014-06-01
“Avi, Your FibPinball is mind blowing . . . the most useful tool I have ever traded with”
"Chris_Maikisch" - Trading Room2013-12-04
“After reviewing the post history, it appears to me that you have a remarkable insight and feel for market moves via the Elliot Wave/Fibonacci Pinball method you have developed. Indeed, you are the best I have seen, by a mile, and I have looked everywhere.”
"jack-of-all-trades" - Trading Room2012-12-30
“If you ask me Avi could write a book of his own. The basic first 4 chapters of F&P could be re-iterated in a part 1, and the remaining chapters would be put to shame by what Avi adds to the EW methodology.”
"ArticEE" - Trading Room2013-02-21
“I mean this compliment sincerely: you are as good at what you do with EW analysis as anyone I've ever known and I am glad to make myself part of this group of experts who follow you.”
ziott - Trading Room2012-10-15
“The level of detail you give in your analysis and your thought process is far superior to the other websites I looked that give Elliot Wave analysis.”
KCK - Trading Room2012-09-25
“The accuracy of your Fib pinball method is just mind blowing! I have been using it for a while now and still shake my head in disbelief each and every time the market turns right on these levels.”
"Mick" - Trading Room2012-05-10
“"Your understanding of timing and Fibonacci is like nothing I have seen before and I look forward to webinars where I can learn more."”
Mick Wallis2011-11-18