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“This site is for teaching people to fish with the shark, not to get eaten. E-wave is not my main methodology, but seeing what the analysts have done here is pretty amazing. As a subscriber/observer I can say without exception that they give you the tools to make good choices.”
"bunker" - Trading Room2018-04-07
“you are certainly fortunate to have found this place. I know I count my blessings for finding it 3 1/2 years ago . . . now that you are part of EWT you will (should) realize how there are a countless great opportunities presented each day, week, month... this place is honestly the most wonderful online community and its mission is to help people and educate them...and keep them at this successfully "forever." ”
"Giuseppe" - Trading Room2017-01-06
“Avi I am truly amazed at how well you and all the analysts here have managed to call this market....it has been a sight to behold, been in markets 20 years now and have never seen such accurate prediction”
"Rossie" - Trading Room2017-12-17
“One thing I like about this site, is rookies like myself can rub shoulders (even if only electronically) with the pros and learn so much in a community setting where everyone helps each other in an environment of free flowing ideas and opinions! And, of course, we have a stand up no BS leader with a proven track record!”
"bullhammer" - Trading Room2016-10-22
“I met Avi in Miami in July 2013 ...The reason was I was tired of Robert Prechter of EWI negativity on the SPX...Avi and team brought a balanced and unemotional approach to the markets. As a 35 year veteran of trading.....I Highly recommend this service...”
"Jiffypop" - Trading Room2017-11-30
“Probably not said enough Avi, but small time traders like me really appreciate the site and community you have created. It has helped me greatly and I appreciate your (and other analysts/members’) generosity in helping to guide us.”
"Lulzasaur" - Trading Room2018-04-07
“I know the analysts here get congratulated fairly regularly, but they really deserve it, they do a tremendously good job! I almost feel that this sight gives me an unfair advantage on trading the market.”
"DamienC" - Trading Room2018-06-26
“I was new to this site only just over a year ago, and like many of you I had absolutely NO IDEA what the heck was going on. But I spent a good deal of time going through all of the materials here, and studying the charts, and practicing on my own, and slowly but surely the pieces of the puzzle have started to come together (though I still have a long, long way to go). As a result of taking the time to study and learn FIRST, my trading profitability has increased exponentially (and paid for every service I subscribe to ten-fold) Learning EW is like learning a new language--- you come in and you can't understand anything; then you start learning some vocabulary words; then some of the grammar starts to kick in, and you can start to make out some sentences; and eventually if you submerge yourself long enough in it you can become fluent -- but it is a process that requires a good level of participation, and I think you will only get out of it, what YOU put into it. JMTC.”
"Nicole" - Trading Room2018-03-08
“In my 20-years of active trading, Avi and this EWT community have been the BEST source for clearly defined parameters outlining R-R opportunities. Period”
"Maximus_AS" - Trading Room2017-06-25
“Wow.....you guys are good! I mean REALLY good!!! I've had more success in the last two months (after joining EWT a few months ago) than in the previous 32 years of trading and I don’t think luck has anything to do with it.”
"Pacman" - Trading Room2018-04-24
“Congratulations, Avi. As a 2 year member of EWT, I have seen my portfolio more than double over these past 2 years, thanks to you and your wonderful team. I advise all 20,000 followers to check out the FREE TRIAL of this wonderful service. It's how I began.”
"User 37220206" - SeekingAlpha2017-12-20
“there is no one way to get to home plate in this world of trading especially doing it on your own and trying to swing for homeruns but with this site and the experts and contributors available you have more of an opportunity to meet your financial goals than 99% of the investors out there.”
"Ian_Marshall" - Trading Room2018-04-07
“I have been with many other advisors/subscriptions before I came here. You are THE BEST in this business. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done for me and my life. I cannot thank you enough. Though sometimes I believe that you are 'supernaturally superior' in your analysis, it is your human-ness that I have come to admire the most. Most importantly, the fact that you sincerely and genuinely care for the financial well-being of members like us - that is astounding and touching. You are a huge gift to all of us.”
"PSK" - Trading Room2016-08-24
“I have been reading Elliott wave analysis for a decade, and I've never seen anyone make it work. You guys do. It's fantastic. Thanks”
"PrinceStreet" - Trading Room2017-12-26
“Your service is the best deal in financial advice. I have made more money using your advice over the last 3 years than anytime in my 71 year life. Thanks for it all! ”
"Freddie" - Trading Room2017-08-31
“This is THE BEST trading site in existence!!”
"Dodger" - Trading Room2018-04-05
“Best site in the world...”
"ShawnP" - Trading Room2018-05-31
“This site is the best hands down......nobody even close....been trading for a long time....badass ”
"Kenneth_Aydt" - Trading Room2018-04-02
“I believe Avi's system seems pretty good at detecting these movements and he has been way above average in his general market prognostications for awhile, imho. Good job Avi.”
Microcap Growth Investor - SeekingAlpha2017-12-11
“I continue to be amazed at how well you're able to call key inflection, resistance and support levels.”
"Silverleaf" - Trading Room2017-12-29
“I've tired a few so called trading community's over the years and this one is by far the best. Avi has a done a great job here and an even better job at employing his analyst's.”
"BobbyJ" - Trading Room2018-03-25
“best team on the planet: bright, caring, generous -> u r family !”
"h2pros" - Trading Room2018-02-06
“I am a newbie, but this site has helped me so much already, and more importantly, I learn an incredible amount here every day. Thanks to all the analysts!”
"DamienC" - Trading Room2018-05-31
“the sooner you forget the "gut feel" and follow the waves, the better off you will be. These analysts are the best I've ever seen and if you learn the patterns and fib pinball you will put more money in the bank than "gut feel" any day of the week!”
"Norski" - Trading Room2017-12-11
“I have been trading options on and off since the early 80's and you guys are the best!!”
"Pacman" - Trading Room2018-04-20
“There is so much amazing knowledge being shared on this site, and I thank everyone for posting. I have been learning so much the last few months.”
"Doccharlie" - Trading Room2017-12-02
“Avi - I love you so much ! you changed my life. seriously dude you did. you single handedly changed my life. you taught me how to read the tape! lots of love! ”
"Ransom" - Trading Room2017-12-01
“Your analysis has been so good Avi.”
"Traderface" - Trading Room2017-12-19
“Avi, you guys did amazingly well on the indices since the February 2016 call, and even again since the election. The call on metals in January of 2016 was incredible as well.”
"Keto" - Trading Room2017-10-20
“Avi and the team have talent like no other.”
"Remi" - Trading Room2017-11-30