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The relief of EWT philosophy on investing has been such a gift (besides being extremely profitable) that I have to say this is the most enjoyable service offered anywhere on the internet and probably the best investment I have ever made. Thanks Avi.
"Talapus" - Trading Room2020-01-27
I consider my EWT subscription one of the best and smartest decisions of my investing career.
"joneil" - Trading Room2019-06-28
I will say this about this site and the crew in general: It is one of the most cohesive, cooperative and harmonious "work" groups I have ever experienced. Everyone's dedication is exemplary, above and beyond the call of duty. The leadership is outstanding. All the trading and money making aside, it is a true pleasure to be here. I haven't even talked about the quality of the analysis. That, I think speaks for itself. OUTSTANDING!
"Nanook" - Trading Room2018-11-08
What's incredible is that not only are the analyst's here supremely insightful, collectively presenting multiple scenarios and interpretations, but some of the members too contribute with high quality analysis and charts. Quite special...putting it kind of mildly :-)! Keep up the good work, Avi and team.
"findependence" - Trading Room2019-05-23
EW + Avi and team=$$$
"Kwker" - Trading Room2019-08-05
In the course of the last 20 years I subscribed to all manner of 'expert' services . . .This forum is at another level. There is nothing like it that I know of.
"Green" - Trading Room2019-05-22
I’ve been here a while and watched the membership grow. What has been maintained is a sense of community allowing for the open sharing of ideas in a respectful manner. This is not only a site with great analysts providing their services and guidance and those behind the curtains updating and making it all run smoothly but also a very knowledgeable membership willing to share and teach. Hats off to all that make this site a wonderful destination.
"IMOK" - Trading Room2019-05-22
Would just like to say Avi, Your approach and professionalism. and the time you take to look after every one on this site is superb. Your a great mentor and I can't thank you enough for turning my trading around. Ive literally turned a huge corner this year and I feel its due to your self and your teams help. So thank you.
"BobbyJ" - Trading Room2018-10-26
There are wave counters and then there is EWT. There is nothing that can hold a candle to this site and the wealth of information that is generously shared here. The wave counting by the analysts here is head and shoulders (no pun intended!) above anything you will find elsewhere. I think what sets them apart is that they will actually teach you
"Nrh/Nicky" - Trading Room2019-09-04
Its amazing to have so many different analysts with different frames .. and when they concur .. powerful.. if they don't .. then sit on the sidelines. Cash is a position.
"Ghat" - Trading Room2020-01-31
A group whose quality is unreal!
"RickS" - Trading Room2019-05-22
This is the best trading community I have ever joined.
"desifinance" - Trading Room2019-05-22
This past week has been very profitable....Thank you all at EWT for the phenomenal navigation these past few weeks in a crazy market!
"TraceyU" - Trading Room2020-03-13
If you're looking into technical analysis, this guy is one of two "must hear" sources. When Avi Gilburt talks, even Warren Buffett listens.
Robert Strayer - FaceBook2019-08-31
have worked at numerous top tier investment banks and hedge funds and must say that I am deeply impressed by your analysis. You've become a critical part of my day! Thanks and keep up the great work!
"asap200x" - Trading Room2019-05-22
This is a great site with the best analysts and a very helpful community.
"Zen" - Trading Room2019-09-10
This site is for teaching people to fish with the shark, not to get eaten. E-wave is not my main methodology, but seeing what the analysts have done here is pretty amazing. As a subscriber/observer I can say without exception that they give you the tools to make good choices.
"bunker" - Trading Room2018-04-07
Avi- this room is amazing!
"paul2uuu" - Trading Room2019-05-22
you are certainly fortunate to have found this place. I know I count my blessings for finding it 3 1/2 years ago . . . now that you are part of EWT you will (should) realize how there are a countless great opportunities presented each day, week, month... this place is honestly the most wonderful online community and its mission is to help people and educate them...and keep them at this successfully "forever."
"Giuseppe" - Trading Room2017-01-06
What differentiates you is the unemotional probability based reasoning for the primary and alt counts. Like I said before, you and your team of EWT are the best technicians out there . . . Trust me, I've been trading for 25 years and no one knows EW like Avi and his team. I use several tools to trade the markets, but the EW tool hands down, no one even comes close.
"RonR" - Trading Room2019-04-22
This site is hands down better than anything out there. All of the analysts are TOPNOTCH and so are the TRADERS on this site
"Jared" - Trading Room2019-05-23
Avi I am truly amazed at how well you and all the analysts here have managed to call this market....it has been a sight to behold, been in markets 20 years now and have never seen such accurate prediction
"Rossie" - Trading Room2017-12-17
Avi, you and the analysts can take a bow for the spectacular performances that we have witnessed. OUTSTANDING!!!
"Viper" - Trading Room2018-12-23
Avi's service is the best I've come across. Just an old man's opinion that has done this over 50 year
"bill_7715" - Trading Room2019-05-31
You CANNOT get a better group of analysts anywhere else on the net. Absolutely stunning team Avi has here
"Knowledge101" - Trading Room2019-05-13
best place i have ever found to trade ..... analysts are fantastic and other members are very helpful......no other place on the web like this one
"905mercur(Barry)" - Trading Room2018-12-28
I hope you are around for another 8 years!! What is offered here is almost too good to be true..
"Nanook" - Trading Room2019-09-10
One thing I like about this site, is rookies like myself can rub shoulders (even if only electronically) with the pros and learn so much in a community setting where everyone helps each other in an environment of free flowing ideas and opinions! And, of course, we have a stand up no BS leader with a proven track record!
"bullhammer" - Trading Room2016-10-22
Avi, I am simply amazed every day but the team you have put together. I feel so very thankful and blessed that as a small "mom and pop" trader, I have access to some of the best analysts on the planet. Thank you to you and your amazing team!
"Snowman" - Trading Room2018-12-23
Thanks Avi! You and this site are making a huge difference how I manage my clients money . . All by simply buying low and selling high based on the EW charts.
"ElGringo1" - Trading Room2019-01-31