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“you are certainly fortunate to have found this place. I know I count my blessings for finding it 3 1/2 years ago . . . now that you are part of EWT you will (should) realize how there are a countless great opportunities presented each day, week, month... this place is honestly the most wonderful online community and its mission is to help people and educate them...and keep them at this successfully "forever." ”
"Giuseppe" - Trading Room2017-01-06
“One thing I like about this site, is rookies like myself can rub shoulders (even if only electronically) with the pros and learn so much in a community setting where everyone helps each other in an environment of free flowing ideas and opinions! And, of course, we have a stand up no BS leader with a proven track record!”
"bullhammer" - Trading Room2016-10-22
“In my 20-years of active trading, Avi and this EWT community have been the BEST source for clearly defined parameters outlining R-R opportunities. Period”
"Maximus_AS" - Trading Room2017-06-25
“I have been with many other advisors/subscriptions before I came here. You are THE BEST in this business. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done for me and my life. I cannot thank you enough. Though sometimes I believe that you are 'supernaturally superior' in your analysis, it is your human-ness that I have come to admire the most. Most importantly, the fact that you sincerely and genuinely care for the financial well-being of members like us - that is astounding and touching. You are a huge gift to all of us.”
"PSK" - Trading Room2016-08-24
“Avi has been one of the best on precious metals in the past decade.”
"Peter Cooper" - GoldSeek2017-10-10
“I sleep better at night since I have joined your trading room!”
"noname" - Trading Room2017-10-03
“I marvel at the talent here and appreciate being able to watch and ride the coat tails. Awesome site!!! ”
"Sandwich-trader" - Trading Room2017-08-06
“there is something special about all the answers you have been given--every analyst explained his/her point of view very clearly. I can't think of another site that would have the major analysts do that. This site has a strategic point of view, but even within that point of view, the analysts paint with their own brush. Advice like this is priceless”
"Bunker" - Trading Room2017-10-10
“I have done a TON of DD on various trading rooms (well over 100). Only 2 of those have passed my strict scrutiny. This is "THE ONE", IMO. ”
"Nicole" - Trading Room2016-11-25
“Avi, you have the best interactive, ease of use and professional trading site on the web!”
"Exchange" - Trading Room2017-07-17
“You guys are a class act as far as doing everything in your power to keep your subscribers on the right side of the moves. It's clear that you take your subscriber's financial well-being extremely seriously. ”
Ronin" - Trading Room2016-08-24
“This site can turn a joe shmo like me into a pro. Been killing it with fantastic info and guidance from everyone here. Many thanks!”
"Rico" - Trading Room2017-08-24
“Avi made me a believer in EWT. When I joined I used to take every opportunity to find where the theory could be wrong. In time I have realized that trust in the man, his analysts and the theory itself is FAR more profitable.”
"Astatine" - Trading Room2017-06-25
“It was only luck that brought me here, but excellence that keeps me here.”
"mozartmolla" - Trading Room2017-07-20
“Manipulator theorists are grasping at straws as their accounts dwindle. Being here is being on the right side and has grown my account.”
"bonspiel" - Trading Room2017-04-10
“I watched your posts for the last 2 years on MarketWatch/Seeking Alpha and I have come to realize how important and valuable your advice is! Immeasurable to me!”
"Bondy" - Trading Room2017-07-14
“I gotta say, Avi. Not many could have telegraphed this move like you did way in advance. Serious respect. ”
"Mutsanah" - Trading Room2017-05-17
“I have been in the game for thirty years and this is the most valuable $99 a month I have ever spent to support my investment and trading plans.”
"UK459" - Trading Room2017-07-09
““PERFECTION AND PARADISE” do not exist in this world. But as far as Avi's analysis is concerned, we come pretty close.”
"Giorgio" - Trading Room2017-06-25
“This is the best place to be.... this site has helped me tremendously in my trading...”
"Dreamer_Maddie" - Trading Room2017-07-20
“If you scroll back and read through all those I have no doubt you will discover that yes indeed Avi was right there calling the turns- first with his big blue boxes, then with near pinpoint accuracy as the counts matured within those same boxes. Its uncanny, crazy. So hard to believe in fact that when I look back over the last 18 months here the biggest single thing I could have done to improve my returns was simply shut my brain off and buy and sell the blue boxes. ”
"Chazz" - Trading Room2017-06-25
“2016 played out and AVI was dead on in his calls. . . His track record is outstanding and second to none. I have not seen anyone even in the same ball park.”
"Hoojitsu" - Trading Room2017-06-25
“Avi's site has been terrific. His calls are remarkable.”
"JKD75" - Trading Room2017-06-08
“I was stoked when I stumbled upon this site. It's a unique place. Fun to be around many bright and insightful pro and amateur traders!”
"PSamuelsen" - Trading Room2017-07-01
“Thanks for all your great analysis Avi. Your site is the absolute best out there. I will be a lifetime subscriber...”
"JKD75" - Trading Room2017-07-01
“Better off blocking out the noise and following the folks here. Keep it simple. These guys are crushing it hands down. . . . It's like having Larry Bird teach you how to shoot hoops if you ask me.”
"NoahHazelton" - Trading Room2017-03-01
“Hi Avi, just wanted to say thank you for teaching me EW. I've followed you for years and the pinball technique, picking up all i could from your free posts, but couldn't afford to join elliottwavetrader.net. With the rally in miners you called I finally now how a portfolio and the means to be a member of your awesome website. You've made a big difference in my life, thanks you for everything. Cheers!”
"mgcorreia" - Trading Room2016-11-16
“Here at EWT we're sitting at the same table as serious professional traders.”
"platonicbomb" - Trading Room2017-06-22
“I have been following markets since the 80s and have held various subscriptions in the U.K., the States and Europe...NONE of those subscriptions came a fraction close to the incredible service provided here. Well done dear Avi and all the EWT team”
"artcam" - Trading Room2016-06-05
“This is THE place to make it in the markets. Hands down, over, done. Avi has created a masterpiece of a forum.”
"Zooom/Glenn" - Trading Room2017-01-27