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“you are certainly fortunate to have found this place. I know I count my blessings for finding it 3 1/2 years ago . . . now that you are part of EWT you will (should) realize how there are a countless great opportunities presented each day, week, month... this place is honestly the most wonderful online community and its mission is to help people and educate them...and keep them at this successfully "forever." ”
"Giuseppe" - Trading Room2017-01-06
“One thing I like about this site, is rookies like myself can rub shoulders (even if only electronically) with the pros and learn so much in a community setting where everyone helps each other in an environment of free flowing ideas and opinions! And, of course, we have a stand up no BS leader with a proven track record!”
"bullhammer" - Trading Room2016-10-22
“I have been with many other advisors/subscriptions before I came here. You are THE BEST in this business. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done for me and my life. I cannot thank you enough. Though sometimes I believe that you are 'supernaturally superior' in your analysis, it is your human-ness that I have come to admire the most. Most importantly, the fact that you sincerely and genuinely care for the financial well-being of members like us - that is astounding and touching. You are a huge gift to all of us.”
"PSK" - Trading Room2016-08-24
“I have done a TON of DD on various trading rooms (well over 100). Only 2 of those have passed my strict scrutiny. This is "THE ONE", IMO. ”
"Nicole" - Trading Room2016-11-25
“You guys are a class act as far as doing everything in your power to keep your subscribers on the right side of the moves. It's clear that you take your subscriber's financial well-being extremely seriously. ”
Ronin" - Trading Room2016-08-24
“Manipulator theorists are grasping at straws as their accounts dwindle. Being here is being on the right side and has grown my account.”
"bonspiel" - Trading Room2017-04-10
“I gotta say, Avi. Not many could have telegraphed this move like you did way in advance. Serious respect. ”
"Mutsanah" - Trading Room2017-05-17
“Avi's site has been terrific. His calls are remarkable.”
"JKD75" - Trading Room2017-06-08
“Better off blocking out the noise and following the folks here. Keep it simple. These guys are crushing it hands down. . . . It's like having Larry Bird teach you how to shoot hoops if you ask me.”
"NoahHazelton" - Trading Room2017-03-01
“Hi Avi, just wanted to say thank you for teaching me EW. I've followed you for years and the pinball technique, picking up all i could from your free posts, but couldn't afford to join elliottwavetrader.net. With the rally in miners you called I finally now how a portfolio and the means to be a member of your awesome website. You've made a big difference in my life, thanks you for everything. Cheers!”
"mgcorreia" - Trading Room2016-11-16
“Here at EWT we're sitting at the same table as serious professional traders.”
"platonicbomb" - Trading Room2017-06-22
“I have been following markets since the 80s and have held various subscriptions in the U.K., the States and Europe...NONE of those subscriptions came a fraction close to the incredible service provided here. Well done dear Avi and all the EWT team”
"artcam" - Trading Room2016-06-05
“This is THE place to make it in the markets. Hands down, over, done. Avi has created a masterpiece of a forum.”
"Zooom/Glenn" - Trading Room2017-01-27
“Just in awe over the talent here...”
"tickerhound" - Trading Room2017-06-14
“I've followed you for years on MarketWatch and Seeking Alpha. Yours is the only opinion that has always made sense to me. Your insight and guidance has helped me a great deal. Thank you”
"Tazluvr" - Trading Room2017-02-17
“Avi-- just fantastic analysis by EVERYONE on your team!! Love it here!!! ”
"Nicole" - Trading Room2017-03-01
“Both EWT and this website that you built has been a game-changer.”
"Whip" - Trading Room2017-03-15
“I have subscribed to many many investment newsletters and sites over the years and nothing comes close to Elliot Wave Trader. I think Avi is the best in the business.”
"donkey" - Trading Room2017-03-11
“thank you so much for your guidance always. We are truly blessed in this room to have a caring and guiding person with us who has our genuine interest at heart. You have truly created an amazing forum bringing all the best people around the world together. This is priceless. Thank you.”
"Zen" - Trading Room2017-02-22
“Fib Pinball is mind blowing.”
"Vyaz" - Trading Room2017-02-22
“The amount of information, analysis we get for the subscription fee is incredible”
"Mindy" - Trading Room2017-02-12
“Truly one of a kind guidance, insight, prudence, and humility. Where else do you get all that in investment-land, or anywhere else for that matter. Deeply Appreciate Everyone on this site. Thank You All.”
"BullWhisperer_Jack" - Trading Room2017-01-27
“Avi, you are absolutely unreal! Totally uncanny with your Elliottician ability. Amazing! Simply amazing!”
Scott J. Douglasville, GA2017-03-01
“Avi and his team........ nothing else like it in the trading world universe !”
"Condor" - Trading Room2017-03-01
“Best service ever seen”
"mb2guu" - Trading Room2017-03-03
“I feel like I stumbled on the best place possible to provide guidance and support. For a long time, I followed the 'others' and couldn't understand why the market reacted in such a haphazard fashion. I now see The Light. I still have a lot to learn, but that's easier to conquer than following the wrong methodology.”
"Tazluvr" - Trading Room2017-02-22
“As good as the analysts are here, the best part about joining this site is being able to ignore news. I used to eat up zerohedge/markewatch/SA etc and it got my nowhere. I sleep like a baby now :)”
"JayBondar" - Trading Room2017-02-10
“Recently joined here and just paid my first subscription. Initially I thought seems expensive and can I afford to sign up. What I've found is that I can't afford not to sign up. Great in so many ways thank you so much!”
"plumb" - Trading Room2016-12-02
“I suggest reading some of the educational material on the site here which I think is massively helpful and integrating it in to one's trading yields great results”
"JAppel" - Trading Room2017-01-11
“I've been following Avi for several months now and his analysis has been excellent. In 2016 I made large losses on PM's trading blindly, however the start of this year has been my portfolio up 30% thanks to Avi and his team.”
"Winston" - Trading Room2017-01-06