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Are you prepared for the Market's Next Move?

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Avi Gilburt

Nightly Elliott Wave Market Update ... Avi Gilburt's detailed analysis of the wave count and direction of the emini S&P 500, with occasional coverage of the VXX, USD, oil & precious metals.

Pre-Market & Intraday Follow-Up Alerts ... Additional detail on the wave counts of key market indices as the picture changes throughout the trading day. Market update and follow-up alerts posted on the member page (and via email) with customizable sound and display options.

Expanded Weekend Analysis ... Wave analysis of the emini S&P 500, VXX, U.S. Dollar, Gold (GLD), Silver (SLV) and oil (USO).

Live Coaching/Interactive Member Page ... Our "blog"-style member page enables you to post comments and questions alongside Avi's posts, receiving his input while interacting with other members throughout the trading day. Periodic live Webinars with Avi are included for members.

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