About ElliottWaveTrader

Avi Gilburt

ElliottWaveTrader offers a live Trading Room of market analysis, based on Elliott Wave principle. The site benefits traders looking to anticipate the direction of stock market indices, particularly the emini S&P 500, along with commodities and stocks over a 1-day to several-week period.

The analysis is led by Avi Gilburt, along with contributing analysts Zac Mannes, Garrett Patten, Xenia Taoubina and Arkady Yakhnis. Their analysis appears frequently on sites such as MarketWatch and SeekingAlpha, where Gilburt is a certified contributor and one of the top-read metals analysts. See our analyst profiles.

The site also features insights and interaction by our dynamic community of traders, many of them professionals, as members are encouraged to post questions and contribute their own analysis in the room.

Newcomers joining us on a free trial access the following services in the room:
1) Avi's Market Alerts, which covers U.S. equity indices, along with precious metals, energy and forex;
2) Zac's StockWaves, which features wave analysis on individual stocks (see About Stock Waves);
3) Garrett's World Markets, which features wave analysis on 9 international indices (FTSE100, DAX, Euro STOXX 50, Nikkei, Hang Seng, India's Nifty 50, Mexico's IPC Index, Brazil's Bovespa & Australia's ASX 200); and
4) Options with Xenia, which features trade alerts and education using options. Posts for these services are delivered both in the room and via email, depending on your email notifications selection.

Seeking Alpha Certified

As an upgrade to Avi's Market Alerts, members may sign up for his Live Video premium service, which are interactive Webinars that Avi provides 3x a day.

All of our services include access to our New Member Live Video, which consists of interactive Q&A's, including a daily Live Video, in the room to help newcomers better understand Elliott Wave.

At any time during the 15-day trial, you can add your billing information for one or any combination of the services, which then provides you with posting privileges in the Trading Room. Service options start at $99.95/month, $275/quarter. If interested in a longer-term subscription ($525 semi-annual, $1000 annual), please contact us.